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ELGI Compressors A Companion for Algerian Construction

ELGI-Compressors-A Companion-for-Algerian-Construction

The rapid economic development coupled with the migration of Algerians from rural areas into urban areas, has dramatically accelerated the pace of construction industry. With the Algerian government according special priority for construction activities, the pace of development in this industry has remarkably increased.

The construction of industries and high raise buildings require transfer of the concrete mix to varying heights and also require spraying of concrete mix or Shot Crete as it is referred. For effective transferring and spraying of the concrete mix the usage of air compressors becomes indispensable. These tasks are both technically demanding and commercially challenging when executed. The air compressors facilitate the performance of these tasks easier and thus play a pivotal role during construction operations. The air compressors that are deployed for concrete mix applications should meet the critical requirements of high-speed, reliable performance and at the same time economical to operate and maintain. 

FAPOBENAS, the first Algerian society involved in the manufacturing and marketing of concrete mixers, pumps and other construction equipment has joined hands with ELGI Equipments Ltd., to provide the best-in-class trolley mounted portable compressors for Algerian construction industry. FAPOBENAS with its patented technology, manufactures and markets a wide range of concrete pumps, transfer pumps, pumps for Shot Crete etc.,

ELGI has supplied a good number of DT 300 – 150 trolley mounted compressors that are recognized for high durability, reliable performance, easy maintenance and the ability to operate at extreme temperature and adverse conditions. The HINO engine driven DT 300 – 150 ensures high productivity at low operating cost, thus proving ELGI compressors the best companion for the construction companies. With the rapid progress in the construction industry, ELGI as always, remains at the forefront in providing compressed air solutions for construction industry in Algeria and world-wide.

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