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Bauer launches BG 30 rotary rig


Bauer Maschinen’s BG 30-BS 95 rotary drilling rig is an improved and adapted version of its bestselling BG 28-BS 80 model.

The modifications on the new rig include a redesigned main winch, a new counterweight design concept and re-engineered rotary drive, which offers a torque of 295kNm at a hydraulic pressure of 350bar.
The new BS 95 base carrier has been designed to provide more space on the upper carriage for exhaust after-treatment, and the increased cooling capacity required for the Stage IIIB (EU) and Tier IVi (US EPA) compliant engines.

For construction machinery and equipment, a system of cooled exhaust-gas recirculation (EGR) and an integrated exhaust filter for diesel particulate matter (PM) is offered.

The redesigned main winch is now mounted at the rear of the upper carriage. It features: an increased line pull of 274kN (as opposed to 250kN with the BG 28); a wide winch drum with two-layer operation for great drilling depths, and a second-layer rope length of 75m.

The new counterweight design concept features stackable, horizontal counterweight slabs. These offer a constant tail radius, and a low deadweight of 4.9t or 1.8t, for easy and safe assembly, and flexible configuration for different applications.

Other improvements include upward-folding, hinged service doors; an ergonomically optimised operator cab, which features a sliding door; and newly designed and clearly arranged display and control buttons, which offer night mode. 

Courtesy Geo Drilling International

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