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Wassara releases jet grouting hammer

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Wassara has unveiled a new jet grouting hammer that can be used in all ground formations, preventing the need to switch instruments.

Jet grouting is a ground stabilisation procedure, which uses the principle of high-velocity injection of cement grout into the ground. The main principle comprises two parts: drilling a hole and jet grouting injection of cement grout.

With Wassara’s jet grouting hammer, there is no need to switch equipment during the process, as the drill string is complete with all necessary tools.

The product uses dual-wall drill tubes and the hammer and jet monitor can be controlled independently as they are driven by one pump each. If necessary, the hammer can be restarted during the jet grouting part of the operation.

 “In most cases, it is quite easy to drill for jet grouting; the soft formation allows you to use an earth drill placed in front of the monitor,” Peter Johansson, project manager at Wassara, said. “The problems often occur in moraine/till and formations with large amount of stones. Presence of stones, boulders and other obstacles in the soil can cause problems like hole deviation and/or shadow effects, resulting in a leaking cut-off wall, poor drilling performance or even total failure to drill down to desired depth.”

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