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New Hydraulic Breaker HB 4100 from Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco presents the new Hydraulic Breaker HB 4100, which scores points in comparison with its predecessor model with less weight, better performance and higher efficiency.


" Both in terms of performance and efficiency, the improvement in comparison to the predecessor model is considerable ", explains Gordon Hambach, Product Line Manager for Hydraulic Breakers, " here we were able to achieve increases in the double-digit percentage range ."  

Reduced weight and better performance of a hydraulic breaker means that similar results can be achieved with a smaller hydraulic breaker and a smaller excavator. That saves investment and operating costs. Gordon Hambach: " The follow-up costs of an investment in a hydraulic breaker are many times greater than the pure acquisition costs. The reduction of these total cost of ownership involves the conserving of resources, such as energy and work time, as well as durability and simple maintenance concepts.“  

Against this background, the guide system of the hydraulic breaker was changed in order to make it even more stable and resilient. " Hydraulic breakers are ultimately subjected to use under the most extreme conditions ," Hambach adds. " A new covering for the retaining bar offers more protection. And we have also reinforced the service window and the recesses for the lateral swivel threaded connections. There is also circumferential wear protection, which has proven its worth with all heavy hydraulic breakers from Atlas Copco ."  

With a service weight of 4,100 kg, the HB 4100 is suitable for carrier machines from 40-70 t.

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