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Mineral Exploration in Indonesia


Dando has just confirmed two separate orders from Indonesia for its mineral exploration rigs. The two orders combined are for three Dando Mintec 12.8s, currently in build, which are hugely popular for coal exploration in the country.

The Dando Mintec 12.8 rig has been specially developed for very fast open hole air flush drilling with PCD bits and coring (wire-line and conventional) in Indonesian type coal measures. With this method, our clients are typically completing 300-400m boreholes in a 20 hour shift.

Dando have a very strong history in Indonesia which first started with the supply of mineral exploration rigs to one of Indonesia’s large mining companies in the early 80’s. Ever since we have continued to supply equipment to them and other major players in the Indonesian mining industry.

Dando carry out regular visits to Indonesia to keep in contact with their current clients as well as to meet new ones. We were there just under a month ago to give presentations about our rigs and we also have another trip out there scheduled for next week.

On top of this we now have an agent permanently based in the country to help us further expand into Indonesia.


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