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Liebherr tools guide Geoteknik


Geoteknik relied on a Liebherr LB 24 rotary drilling rig fitted with a four-fold Kelly bar during the building of a foundation pit support at a site in Turkey.

The project involved constructing a wall of 800mm diameter drilled piles of 30m length.

Owing to difficult soil conditions during drilling, Geoteknik worked with a Liebherr progressive type rock auger AU-P of 780mm diameter and a Liebherr 780mm diameter core barrel CB-RB with a cutting edge and roller bits).

The compact LB 24 rotary drilling rig is suitable for operations in limited spaces. The basic machine and leader can be transported in one piece and the leader top and leader bottom are foldable.

Its minimum clearance and transport width is 3.39m. This allows for quick and easy transportation of the rig and flexibility in site assignment. The rig has been designed for drilling diameters of up to 1.9m and depths down to 58m.

The LB 24’s rope crowd system has a 32t pull and 32t push force. According to the company, this provides the operator with maximum performance and reliability even with the most difficult soils and extreme operational conditions.

The rig is equipped with a Litronic control system, which is based on a Canbus system. This control system includes programmes for the application of the various drilling methods and provides clear information on service requirements and possible defaults. A modem for remote diagnosis, as well as a process data recording system for documentation of the work carried out, are available as cartridges.

The Liebherr drilling tools allowed for rapid drilling progress with less wear. The tools are available with special features for challenging construction projects, such as a remote-controlled casing drive adapter to connect and disconnect the casings.

The design of the LB series is based on Liebherr’s experience with deep foundation applications. The machines in the LB series have been designed for Kelly drilling, continuous flight auger drilling, double rotary drilling and soil mixing applications.

A Liebherr application engineer and a technical advisor visited the site to provide advice.

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