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Lankelma launches Kiwi cone testing service


Specialist geotechnical invest­igation contractor Lankelma is launching a new cone-penetration testing (CPT) service in New Zealand.

One of its 20T 6x6 CPT trucks will arrive in Christchurch in April. The rig, which will be operated by Lankelma staff, is suitable for a range of test environments and will be dedicated mainly to the works associated with rebuilding Christchurch following the earthquake in February 2011. Buildings and infrastructure already weakened by a 2010 event collapsed, killing 185 people, and a wide area was affected by liquefaction. Rebuild costs have been estimated at NZ$20-30 billion.

“The need to investigate and refine the understanding of regional ground conditions will form part of an approach to developing secure future infra­structure,” Lankelma engineering director Carlton Hall said. “The rig is equipped with standard instrumentation, which will enable soil classification and an assessment of liquefaction potential. However, we will also be offering seismic test services to acquire the small-strain stiffness profile for the ground, which should assist in the detailed design of geo-structures.”

The 20T 6x6 CPT truck is heavier than most available in New Zealand and the additional reaction force should enable testing to penetrate the potentially weaker soils underlying dense beds of gravel. Lankelma will work with ground consultant KGA Geotechnical and international drilling contractor Webster Drilling and Exploration. Lankelma offers CPT services using a range of geotechnical tools such as piezocone, seismic cone and pressuremeter to define ground conditions.

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