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Eco-concept in ecology emphases that things should be manufactured according to the environmental condition. The things should not be against ‘Natural ‘and we can call it as Environmental concept or Earthly concept.

1. The things which manufactured in an industries should not be repercussion.
2. The things which manufactured in an industries should be increased the span of life(say more than 15 years)
3. After long term use, the things should be recycling without any repercussion.
4. Things should be ruined itself after long time utilization.
5. Repercussion should not be there while destruction / destroyed the chemical waste/other waste.
6. Utilization Uranium /Thorium in reactor for current cause’s repercussion due to leakage and it should be avoided.

If the span of life materials increases the spot pollution can be avoided. If the span of life materials decreases, the pollution will increase. That is why; short lived materials which accured pollution can be avoided in future and long lived materials which should be ruined at the end without repercussion. Thus surrounding pollution can be avoided. Major pollution which accured in OZONE LAYER could not be repairable so far but it can be reduced gradually in order to avoid surrounding pollution due to chloro floro Carbon, carbon di-oxide, chemical waste, tanneries industries, coal based industries and acid rain.

As far as textile industries concerned, the spinning and weaving heavy materials should be long term use. The cloth (Nylon mixed cotton) should be produced for long term use. Titanium di-oxide mixed cloths washed itself while sun light. There is no need of washing in machinery. It is long term use without pollution.

As far as tube well concern, the pipes should be used for long term. As such, thickness, compressive strength, should be increased. In order to avoid acids, chemical pollution, carbonate lime along with  gravel can be mixed and surrounding  in between annular area of well.

As can be seen in the past, shallow well has been completely polluted, for which clay ceiling is needed ground water can be saved by putting carbonate & lime along with gravel.

1. In deep drilling minimum ¼ “thickness metal pipe can be used in order to avoid earth pressure.
2. In slow depth drilling minimum ¼” thickness PVC Pipe can be used.
3. Due to more thickness of pipe wall, bending movement will not happened.
4. Any acid, alkalic can be diluted by fresh water injection.
5. Water dust can be purified by Potash alum (Al ⁺³)
6. Fluoride concentration can be reduced by activated Aluminum.
7. Unsolulable items can be reduced by activated Carbon.

Case Study:

While Pump testing at Daldal Seoni Site the water consist of fluoride concentration which beyond permissible limit (1.6). It should be 1.5 PP for which activated aluminium ball separate filter has to be provided after purification of RO system is not having arrangement for filtration of fluoride concentration. If fluoride concentration is more than 1.5 PP, bone cancer disease will come. The experiment for conversion of fluoride will be done at DalDal Seoni site (Raipur).


1. Long casing is needed to arrest chemical pollution. If needed, cement ceiling has to be done in-between annular Area of Bore well so that chemical leakage can be arrested.
2. The fluoride concentrations are more in granite formation.
3. Most probably, chemical pollution will not effect on hard rock terrain.
4. Fluoride concentration can be diluted by water injection.
5. Activated Aluminium ball filter can be utilised separately in order to avoid fluoride concentration.




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