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Drillcon - Diamond Core Drilling and Raise Boring


Custom built exploration drill shed for winter conditions.

Drillcon's drilling services consist of surface and underground core drillings, percussion drillings, installations of ground water monitoring wells, versatile technical in-hole surveys and horizontal raise boring, as well as of other services related to drilling. Drillcon has 55 drilling units, and drills around 300km of core drilling holes per year. The drilling rigs range from light 50m units on rubber tracks to heavy-duty computer controlled 2,000m units.

Drillcon Group is Europe's leading company in diamond core drilling and a major raise boring contractor. Drillcon was established in 1963. Drillcon has been a public company since 2006 and is listed on First North MTF on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. Its head office is located in Nora, Sweden. The Drillcon Group consists of the parent company Drillcon with its subsidiaries:

1. Drillcon Core Sweden
2. Drillcon Norway (affiliate)
3. Suomen Malmi (Smoy) Finland
4. Drillcon Iberia Portugal

The main business for Drillcon Core and Smoy is core drilling and geological services in Scandinavia. Drillcon Iberia is the centre for raise boring in the group and is also looking after core drilling in Portugal.

Core drillings
GM 200 drill rig for percussion and core drilling.

Core drillings on the surface and underground are performed by units powered by diesel or electricity. Drillcon's capabilities include:

• Conventional or wire line equipment
• Sample diameter range 22mm-102mm
• Double or triple core barrels with split inner tube
• Core recovery is improved by multi-component polymers

Percussion drillings

Percussion drillings are usually performed to obtain soil or rock samples or for securing a rock surface. Samples are taken by:

• Flow-through samplers with 0.16l or 0.19l volume
• Tube samplers with 0.45l - 1.30l volume
• Wire line samplers with 0.87l - 2.60l volume
Technical surveys
Drillcon offers a range of technical surveys and services related to drilling, including the following:

• 3D directional survey of holes optically or magnetically
• Directional drilling and branching of holes by wedging or eccentric core barrel
• Sample orientation by various methods
• Water pressure tests
• Geophysical in-hole surveys
• Video surveys or digital imaging of holes
• Geological logging of core samples
• Determination of elastic properties of core samples
• Positioning with precision GPS

Raise boring

Drillcon Iberia is the base for Drillcon's raise boring operations. Drillcon introduced horizontal raise boring into the area in the early 90s and has today performed more then 60,000m of raise boring. Currently, we have a fleet of seven raise borers with capacities ranging from 0.66m to 4m in diameter. Drillcon has worked throughout Europe, all the way from Greenland to Greece. We have also recently carried out projects in Turkey, Israel and Bulgaria. Clients range from hydro power utilities and mining companies to wastewater authorities.

Geo services

Drillcon´s Finnish subsidiary Smoy carries a large range of instruments and equipment for geophysical, geological and geotechnical services such as:

• Instruments for borehole deviation surveys
• Ground penetration radar on surface and in Borehole
• Seismic surveys
• Geological reporting
• Digital optical borehole imaging
• Transient electro magnetic surveys on surface and in borehole
• Gravity, magnetic, IP and resistivity surveys
• Rock mechanical in-situ stress measurements
• Rock mechanical monitoring devices

Drillcon AB
Industrivägen 2
713 91 Nora
Tel: + 46 587 82820

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