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Compressed Air Ensures Safety At Dabhol-Bangalore Pipeline (DBPL) Project


Energy is the prime mover of economic growth and is vital to the sustenance of a modern economy. With the rapid industrialization, successful rural electrification and large-scale use of electricity for the irrigation purpose, the demand for electricity has registered a significant growth. Also it is expected that the on-going liberalization of the country’s economic policy would accelerate the industrial growth, which would further increase the demand for power. To meet out this constant demand for power, the development of the power sector in the country since independence has been predominantly through the state government by permitting private participation in the power sector to enable optimum utilization of energy resources.


The total installed generation capacity all over India amounted to 190592.55 MW out of which the gas power stations amount to 18093.85 MW which contributes to 9.5% of the total generation. According to Central Electricity Authority the Power Supply Position for 2011-12 registered a deficit of 12.1% nation-wide. This present demand for electrical power continues to grow and will continue to outstrip the available and planned generation capacity leading to chronic shortage of available power and energy in the future years. Perceiving this major issue, the Infrastructure Development Department (IDD) of Government of Karnataka has entered into an agreement with Gas Authority of India Ltd (GAIL) on 29th April 2009, for the development of gas-based power stations, natural gas infrastructure and city gas distribution network.

 Pipeline transportation of gas offers a safe, economic, and environmentally sound alternative to most other modes of energy transport. Under this project, GAIL will lay two gas pipelines in the state from Dabhol to Bangalore and Kochi to Bangalore and it is proposed to put up four gas-based power stations of 2000 MW capacity each along the gas pipeline corridor to be located at Belgaum, Gadag, Davangare and Tumkur districts. Construction of the pipeline has commenced on the approximately 1,386 km Dabhol-Bangalore Gas Pipeline with a capacity of 16 MMSCMD (Million Metric Standard Cubic Meter Per Day), which has been divided into ten spreads. Out of the 10 spreads 8 spreads were awarded to Punj Lloyd, a major global player in construction and infrastructure industry. Punj Lloyd, what started with pipelines, grew to constructing tanks & terminals, refineries, power plants, and civil infrastructure today.

Construction and installation of pipelines for oil & gas transport have number of challenges especially when the pipeline route traverses through tough terrain of Western Ghats. Pipeline crews must lay pipe through areas of rock, forest and steep incline and the pipelines are prone to heavy rains for long periods. Thus continuous testing and monitoring of pipelines plays a major concern as any leak in the pipelines may lead to great catastrophe and also resulting in the wastage of premium fuel resource. For this purpose Punj Lloyd has joined hands with Elgi Equipments Ltd., for continuous monitoring of any leakages and testing in the pipelines laid. Elgi has supplied significant number of ruggedly built, weather resistive, diesel engine driven DS 1100-300 air compressors for this Dabhol-Bangalore Pipe Line (DBPL) project.

The pipelines are divided into smaller sections and compressed air is fed from one end into the section thereby pressurizing the testing section and the pressure is monitored at the other end for over a period of time. Any pressure drop will reveal a leakage in the pipelines which are fixed. Thus Elgi compressors play a pivotal role in this critical application ensuring the pipelines are leak-proof. ELGI is committed to continue its quality supply of products and service to Punj Lloyd through its cost-effective compressed air solution, cutting edge technology and service excellence.

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