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Multiples by Express® – the smart approach to fixtured multiples

Multiples by Express® from Atlas Copco is a highly flexible, modular system of fixtured multiples that saves time and money when planning or rebalancing a production line. The components are designed to be ergonomic and light without compromising durability. Delivered in extremely short time, to some markets in as little as four weeks, Multiples by Express® offers full support for lean production

fixtured multiples

Superior flexibility – simple to upgrade

With Multiples by Express® as many as 10 spindles can be used to tighten up to 1000 Nm in any predefined modularized multiple. Tailoring a tightening system to new applications is simple. An existing fixture can be rebuilt to a new proven design using the same parts. When an increase in capacity is required, extra nutrunners can easily be added to the multiple simply by changing the base plate.

Plug-and-play error-proofing modules

Error-proofing is available in the form of optional plug-and-play accessories from Atlas Copco’s Quality Integrated Fastening (QIF) range. These provide operator feedback or guidance, and the capability to handleproduct variance, or to monitor the processes

Installed in assembly plants worldwide

The two comments below are typical of reactions from customers in various parts of the world who have invested in Multiples by Express®.
“Since installing the Express Multiple for mounting wheel nuts, we have seen an increase in productivity and a reduction in reworking. The operators appreciate and take full advantage of the flexibility of the equipment. Bolt access and visibility are very good.” Manager, Chinese automotive plant.
 “We have installed a standard Express Multiple with QST nutrunners for the flywheel application, replacing a single-spindle solution. We find the Express Multiple extremely convenient to handle, light and ergonomic. The system is user-friendly, simple to program and easy to maintain.” Manager, Brazilian power train plant.

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