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New Release for Hydco in India

The first Hydco 1200N to be built in India has commenced construction at Hydco’s new manufacturing facility in Chhatral Gujarat.
After much consultation with Indian customers, this compact coring rig was found to be an ideal solution to their needs, coring to 1200 meters NQ with ample torque and pullback to work efficiently at these depths. The 16000KG pullback of the 1200N is normally associated with much larger drills.
As with all Hydco exploration rigs, the 1200N is a “Top Head Drive” which provides strength and reliability, and ease of maintenance when compared to “chuck drive” systems.
The drill incorporates a direct hydraulic feed system providing excellent control for the driller with a full suite of gauges monitoring the drilling process. Feed travel is 3.6 meters while drill rod pull is 9 meters making rod tripping quick and efficient. 
Mounted on a crawler track base, the 1200N can access difficult drill sites with ease and would ideally be matched up with a Hydco crawler rod sloop. The combination provides an excellent drilling package.
Last but not least, the Hydco1200N can be comfortably driven into a 20”ft shipping container, allowing it to be deployed quickly and economically to all corners of the world. This feature is attractive to many drill companies tendering on work outside of their own country.

For further information contact:
Mamata Hydco    Office +91 2764233271
Prashant Pandya   Mbl   +91 9979864203
Ian Pitcher            Mbl   +61 438789475


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