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Komatsu Establishes a Joint-Venture Distributorship in Thailand


As announced in the news release of December 1, 2009, Komatsu Ltd. ("Komatsu", President & CEO: Kunio Noji) and Bangkok Motor Works Co., Ltd. ("BMW", President: Phornthep Phornprapha), Komatsu's distributor of construction and mining equipment in Thailand, signed a letter of intent to establish a joint-venture distributorship in Thailand. After advancing the plan, today Komatsu and BMW agreed that Komatsu will make equity participation in Bangkok Komatsu Sales Co., Ltd. ("BKS", President: Akihiko Nakazawa) which was established by BMW as its subsidiary in January 2010, and that BKS, as a joint-venture distributor, will take over the distribution business of Komatsu's construction and mining equipment in Thailand from BMW. Komatsu and BMW signed the definitive agreement concerning BKS.
Based on the agreement, Komatsu will acquire 40% of the shares of BKS through its wholly owned subsidiary, Komatsu Asia & Pacific Pte Ltd, while BMW, its president, Dr. Phornprapha, and Mr. Pranitan Phornprapha will continue to hold 60% of the shares of BKS.
BMW has long been engaged in the sales of Komatsu's construction and mining equipment in Thailand. Through the new joint-venture distributorship, Komatsu and BMW will improve sales and profits of the construction and mining equipment business by reinforcing the marketing and product support capabilities of the new joint venture company under the closer alliance arrangement between the distributor and the manufacturer.

[Outline of BKS]

Company name

Bangkok Komatsu Sales Co., Ltd.


January 15, 2010

Head office

Samutprakarn Province, Thailand


Akihiko Nakazawa


300 million Thai Baht (approx. 800 million JPY)

Main businesses

Sales and service of construction and mining equipment as well as their parts


356 (as of April 1, 2010)

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