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Endress+Hauser's First Standardised Two-Wire Concept for Flow and Level, Increases Safety and Reduces Costs


In the process industry, the requirements for automation engineering are rising. Systems that are ever more powerful and more flexible, covering the entire range of metrological applications, are to be operated at the lowest possible costs. Along with this, the complexity for the user is continuously increasing due to the wide variety of measuring tasks and the instrument families available for them from various vendors.
The requirements with respect to operational safety and system availability are increasing simultaneously. Both aspects result in the call for uni-formity and consistency in field instrumentation growing ever louder. The NAMUR has now also formulated this demand in the recently published recommendation NE 131. The recommendation describes a NAMUR standard instrument that, among other things, has uniform instrument operation for field devices.
As the first provider, Endress+Hauser has now implemented this demand in a new concept based on two-wire technology for the flow and level measurement parameters. The concept enables a conceptual transformation to simplicity by means of uniformity and thereby sets new standards with respect to safety and efficiency in field instrumentation.
Whether in planning, purchasing, operation, or maintenance, the new concept fea-tures impressive, one-of-a-kind benefits for the operator.
Uniformity perfected
The compact and robust housing design features outstanding convenience for installation and operation as well as maximum operational safety, even in a harsh process environment.
The entire instrument concept has a modular structure and is therefore highly versatile. Housing components such as covers, couplings, terminal strips, or I/O electronics modules and displays are suitable for all instrument types. This reduces storage costs while also increasing system availability through the flexible inter-changeability of subcomponents.
As one of the leading providers of fieldbus technology, Endress+Hauser guarantees smooth integration of the field devices and, with the new two-wire concept, offers enormous savings potential in automation engineering by means of uniformity. This is also reflected in the product structure, identification and docu-mentation, thereby optimising processes and reducing process complexity.
Safety first
The requirement for a high degree of system safety, particularly in the chemical and petrochemical industries, is taken into account by the consistent instrument concept. Worldwide Ex approvals (ATEX, Ex ia, IEC, NEPSI, FM, CSA, TIIS), the development in accordance with DIN 61508, and SIL certification as well as flexible spare part management through ex-certified individual components are only a few of numerous advantages.
Accurate instrument and process diagnostics
The trend in operating and maintaining systems is moving towards preventive maintenance. Recommendation NE 107 formulated by the NAMUR includes basic aspects of field device self-monitoring and diagnostics with the goal of enabling time-saving and target-oriented maintenance. With the implementation of NE 107, the new instrument concept sets another milestone. Additionally, the operator is offered troubleshooting tips in the event of process or instrument faults. The fast decision-making aid in the event of a fault now makes it possible to shorten or prevent system downtime. The integrated results log book ensures traceability of system and instrument statuses.
Simply unforgettable—HistoROMTM
Moreover, all instruments have the HistoROMTM captive memory whose automatic data storage capability enables easy replacement of electronics without re-calibration. The automatic backup copy of configuration data reliably prevents loss of data.
Industry standards implemented
In addition to the NE 131 NAMUR standard instrument, the new concept fulfills all relevant DIN standards, VDI/VDE guidelines, and other NAMUR recommen-dations concerning field devices.
These new features create sustainable benefits over the entire life cycle of field devices.
The innovation in Coriolis flow measurement
At this year's Hannover Messe Industrial Automation, Endress+Hauser will be showcasing the world first in flow measuring technology based on this new two-wire instrument concept. The Promass E2-wire is the first Coriolis measuring system that completely fulfills all current requirements of the chemical industry and is designed with user-preferred two-wire technology.
Until now, Coriolis mass flowmeters were available exclusively with four-wire technology, and thus with separate supply and signal lines. By using the innovative two-wire technology for Coriolis instruments, investment costs can be significantly reduced, particularly for planning and designing new systems.
Double assurance for interface measurement
Within the new instrument concept, a total of eight new model versions of the Levelflex guided-radar system are being presented in Hanover in the field of level measurement.

One particular highlight is the world's first multiparameter transmitter for inter-face measurement. The new Levelflex FMP55 level probe combines the guided-radar process with the capacitance measuring principle. As a result, this measuring instrument combines all the advantages of the two previous interface measuring systems, without the operator having to do any additional configuration. The result is a previously unknown level of measurement reliability, even in emulsion formation. The forward-looking algorithms guarantee the reliability of the measuring instruments and enable new solutions in various processes.

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