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Dando and agents can see an end to the economic recession

Dando drilling rigs and our worldwide network of agents are in agreement that our industry is moving forward from the difficult times in the drilling industry of the last two years. 

Although delicate, activity is gaining strength in a number of industry sectors and geographical regions with 2010 looking to be a far better year for drilling contractors, manufacturers and equipment suppliers.

One of the most severely effected sectors of the drilling industry during the global downturn has been the geotechnical drilling industry, not least in the UK where the building industry has been languishing since the start of the economic crisis.

"...100% increase in sales of the flagship geotechnical tool, the Terrier..."

Now, though, in a sure sign of recovery during the first 4 months of 2010, Dando have seen a 100% increase in sales of the flagship geotechnical tool, the Terrier compared with the same period a year ago. This wonderfully versatile little rigs has been selling in the UK as well as Uganda and Ireland.

With a thriving drilling tools business as well as some of the best drilling plant out there, Dando are well placed to observe trends in the worldwide non-oil and gas mobile drilling market. 
The last two years have seen the most hostile economic conditions in living memory with sales of both plant and consumable sales being affected.

Now though, it seems as if things are taking a far more positive hue. In all sectors of the drilling market, and in many regions, it is clear that confidence, though still fragile, is returning.

Dando have directly experienced the improved conditions in our African, Middle Eastern, Asian, British and European markets. 

A key indicator of expanding drilling capacity is the demand for 'tubular' consumables such as drill rods and casing. Dando are supplying thousands of metres of drill rod to customers worldwide for use in the water well, mineral exploration and geotechnical industries

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