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Make Your Air Compressors More Energy Efficient

In Australia, about 10% of all industrial electricity consumption is used in powering compressed air systems.
Whilst it is a safe, reliable and necessary form of energy, compressed air is often taken for granted – working consistently through the day without a worry, for low cost.
Evaluating your compressed air system’s performance can produce environmental and cost savings.
A properly designed and maintained compressed air system that is energy efficient can save the company thousands of dollars each year.
Make your compressed air system more energy efficient by:

  • Checking for leaks and pressure losses throughout the system regularly (monthly).
  • Ensuring the entire system is monitored by good housekeeping practices.
  • Reducing pressure settings to the minimum where possible.
  • Ensuring condensation can be removed swiftly from the distribution network, or does not occur.
  • Using high quality air only when necessary – filters and dryers reduce pressure, increasing energy consumption.
  • Reducing the air compressor intake air temperature by ducting outside air into the compressor inlet.
  • Checking that receivers are sized to store air for short heavy demands.
  • Checking that the size of the compressor meets current demands only.
  • Considering the use of consumable products, where choosing a high-performance and biodegradable compressor lubricant can significantly increase operational lifetime by up to 8 times.


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