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Blue Group at Futuresource 2010

Blue Group

At this year's Futuresource exhibition, Blue Group will be spotlighting its latest product developments, services and expertise in the burgeoning field of the pre-treatment of materials for anaerobic digestion and RDF production for energy from waste. The company will be using high-technology graphics and illustrative DVDs on their much larger stand display to show how they can provide ideal solutions to recycling problems for a growing customer base in these specialist areas of recycling and reclamation.
Blue Group is on Stand Number G 58.
Blue Group is already a leading single source provider of, arguably, the widest and most versatile ranges of screening, crushing, shredding, composting and bespoke recycling plant and equipment available in the UK today. Appointed distributors for such world-class OEMs as, Doppstadt, Nihot, Backhus, Marathon, Kiverco, General Kinematics, Pellenc, Powerscreen and Telestack, Blue Group has a proven capability in most recycling applications. Their customer-led tailor-made recycling plants combine compatible equipment from many of their different distributorships, and it is the flexibility and versatility of these combinations that allows even the most difficult of recycling and reclamation tasks to be accomplished efficiently and cost-effectively. Blue is also frequently able to source additional specialist equipment by project partnering with other well-known manufacturers to enhance a plant's materials handling and separation abilities; magnetic separation, baling and RDF shredders being just an example of the kind of equipment that is available through Blue Group.

Anaerobic Digestion Materials Pre-Treatment
Blue Group is able to provide effective solutions to the problems of de-packaging and pre-treatment of waste prior to anaerobic digestion. The company can also now offer equipment capable of separating organic from non-organic fractions.

RDF Production
Energy from waste continues to be a growing field, with excellent calorific values and tangible environmental benefits just two of the prime areas that make this type of energy generating material increasingly popular. Specialist equipment for refuse derived fuel is part of the Blue Group product portfolio.

Doppstadt Shredders, Star Screen Trommels and Bio Power Shredders
This continually evolving range of slow-speed shredding and separation plants now includes new models aimed specifically at organic and inert waste pre-treatment and RDF production.
Latest in the range is the DW-3060 Bio Power Shredder which is capable of multiple roles. Woodwaste can be shredded to specification in a single pass and, when set up with all the available comb extensions, this machine produces a quality end-product. With minimal screening of oversize, the shredded woodwaste is ready for direct supply to the fast-growing biofuel market. Green waste can also be shredded with the new Bio Power, which is proving to have a much better performance than high-speed shredders, with a considerably longer wearpart life, extended maintenance intervals and an impressive reduction in comparative running costs. Plastics can also be shredded by this Doppstadt machine prior to baling.
The Doppstadt DW-2860 Duplex is a low-speed, double shaft fine shredder with a fixed counter blade, specifically designed for RDF production. The rollers, equipped with specially tempered steel cutting plates, rotate in the opposite direction to the centrally located counter blade and the surfaces are specially treated to produce optimum efficiency in fine shredding, thereby reducing wear and any related downtime for repair, replacement or maintenance. Output for the DW-2860 Duplex is, typically, between 5 and 15 tonnes per hour, depending on feed material and specified grain size.
The new Doppstadt SM Star Screen programme features the well-proven screening drum construction with interior helix, which enables space-saving horizontal machine installation. Two- and three-fraction models are available, designed and built for the shredding of domestic, green, C&D waste and woodwaste and ideal for the production of biomass and RDF.
Replaceable screening drums, a variety of ancillary equipment and choice of mesh sizes allows these flexible machines to be adjusted and reconfigured for a wide variety of screening tasks and feed material. An efficient mechanical power transmission features direct chain wheel drive, with geared motors at the drum surface, and the variable speed provides optimum adjustment for regulation of the screening quality. State-of-the-art SPS control makes for easy operation, precise adjustment and access to the machines' performances and operating data.

Backhus Soil and Compost Turners
Backhus machine ranges include "free on tracks" compost and soil turners and trapezoidal turning machines, featuring the productivity and low maintenance benefits of infinitely variable hydraulic drive. The Backhus LT range is a completely self-contained unit designed for in-vessel homogenisation and aeration of organic waste and sewage sludge, as well as for bioremediation and mechanical biological treatment of residual waste with no cross-contamination and total traceability of material, maintaining batch system integrity.
Numerous models are now at work throughout the UK for waste management companies and municipal authorities in their drive to increase the availability of both the volume and quality of composts.

Pellenc High-Technology Separation Systems
The Pellenc Selective Technologies range has taken commingled waste sorting machinery to a new level, with a comprehensive programme of high technology detection and separation machines that are capable of analysing, recognising, separating and ejecting selected recyclables from mixed waste. Using advanced techniques such as spectography, multispectral vision scanning, infra-red and induction, Pellenc equipment quite simply sorts and separates at a new level of speed, efficiency, purity and cleanliness.
The range encompasses a multitude of separating disciplines. There is a Pellenc sorting machine for virtually every application:- Separating all polymers; cardboard and plastics; PET; WEEE; separation and ejection of contaminants from compost. Depending on the variants and materials involved, Pellenc equipment can sort by material or colour, before or after shredding and before or after prewash. Purity is up to 90% and volumes up to 6 tonnes per hour. Pellenc technology employs top-of-the-line spectroscopy for simultaneous recognition of all materials, with technical options that allow the processing of difficult materials such as PETG, plastic labels, multiple layering and so-on.

Nihot Controlled Air Separation Systems
Nihot Separators and Windshifters are ideal for secondary and tertiary separation in recycling plants. For example, the Nihot SDS (single drum separator) uses controlled air to separate waste input into two fractions - heavy and light, passing on the lighter materials to the Windshifter for further separation. Comprised of a combination of recirculation fan, a separation section with a splitter drum and a connecting expansion chamber, the SDS machine can process varied waste streams, including those with high moisture content and large fraction sizes such as plastics or foils. The Windshifter also uses a controlled air principle for greater separation of the light fractions and this is also equipped with dust filtration.

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