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BAUER Maschinen GmbH at Bauma 2010



Schrobenhausen – Exhibitors and visitors alike will remember Bauma 2010 as “the Bauma under the ash cloud“. Due to the eruption of an Icelandic volcano, all flights over central and northern Europe were suspended and for days, Bauma visitors from Japan and China, Malaysia and Australia, Brazil and the United States were unable to travel by air. Despite such curtailment, the end result appeared to be genuine satisfaction on all sides.

Needless to say, BAUER Maschinen GmbH was also affected by the flight ban. Although the muted encouragement on the first day of the trade fair was still viewed with a certain amount of

scepticism, the mood started to improve rapidly on Tuesday, and according to Bauer Sales Director, Christian Gress, by Wednesday it was „a normal Bauma“.
The largest international trade fair for construction machinery and equipment in the world once again showed its appeal. Thomas Bauer, Chairman of BAUER AG, noted: „It was an immense joy to hear what extraordinary efforts many customers had made to ensure their attendance at bauma, despite the existing flight ban.“ The stories of the numerous difficulties endured by visitors from far away countries abounded: Two Brazilians who, after a long and arduous car journey, camped out at Rio de Janeiro airport for three days, during which a number of alternative flights were confirmed only to be cancelled again. Some visitors were expecting to arrive in Toulouse, but arrived in Paris where there were no connecting flights to Munich until flights were resumed. Others told of flights to Rome, from where they then travelled to Munich by hire car and others embarked on a 28-hour car journey from Lisbon. A large group of Ukrainian visitors chartered a bus and travelled 24 hours non-stop to Munich.

Whilst reports on the outcome of the Trade Fair still reflected the scepticism of the first few days, Dieter Stetter, Managing Director of BAUER Maschinen GmbH, concluded that „Bauma 2010 turned out much better in the end than we could have expected on the first day.“ Dieter Stetter also appeared very satisfied with the large number of sales enquiries and meetings with customers. Thomas Bauer is of the view that „after this bauma the outlook for the next few years is positive, despite the unresolved financial crisis.“

BG 50 rotary

Bauer excelled at Bauma with two exceptional pieces of equipment: with the new BG 50 rotary drilling rig, Bauer showcased not only the most powerful rig of the BG series to date, but also the most powerful drilling rig at the entire Bauma. At an operating weight of 240 tonnes, the machine features an engine with a rated output of 706 kW. The mast of the new BG 50 can be extended to an overall height of up to 35 m. The rig is designed for drilling depths of up to 100 m and borehole diameters of up to 4.50 m. These dimensions require a main winch with a 60 tonne single line pull. At bauma, the machine was equipped with a 3 m diameter drilling bucket.
Bauer also presented its fully hydraulic crawler / cable crane MC 128 - by far the largest model of its new duty-cycle cranes introduced a few years ago. As a universal crawler crane and lift crane, the MC 128 has a maximum load capacity of 200 tonnes with an operating weight that can be far in excess of 200 tonnes depending on the installed equipment. The machine has a rated engine output in excess of 700 kW and features two large-scale winches, each with a 330 kN single line pull. At bauma, the MC 128 was equipped with a Bauer diaphragm wall cutter for operating depths of up to 150 m.
RTG Rammtechnik GmbH showcased its rigid leader rig RG 25 C equipped with a double-rotary FOW head, type DKS 150/300, capable of applying 28 tm torque to the outer casing string. Powered by a 570 kW engine, the machine, which is the most powerful of its kind, can drill up to 1000 mm diameter boreholes in a single pass to a depth of 23.5 m and produces a line pull of 800 kN. The BS base machine is equipped with the new Bauer operator cab and the new counterweight system.
MAT Mischanlagentechnik and Klemm Bohrtechnik, as well as all other exhibitors of the BAUER Maschinen Group, such as Prakla Bohrtechnik and piling hammer manufacturers Pileco of Houston, Texas, and Fambo of Sweden, appeared extremely satisfied after seven busy trade fair days. Bauer Group companies Eurodrill, specialist in hydraulic impact hammers and drifters, and the undercarriage manufacturer Tracmec of Imola, Italy, exhibited on their own exhibition stands.

The new companies of the BAUER Maschinen Group were also represented at bauma: Hausherr of Unna showcased its blast hole drilling rig for opencast mining and ABS Trenchless of Olpe exhibited its range of trenchless construction equipment for the installation and renewal of vertical.


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