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Atlas Copco’s new ZoneAir XATS 1020 containerized portable compressor


As a world leader in innovation and technology, Atlas Copco introduces the ZoneAir XATS 1020, an ATEX certified containerized portable compressor for the oil and gas industry. With a capacity of 29 m³/min (1020 cfm) at 10.3 bar (150 psi), the ZoneAir XATS 1020 provides energy efficient performance in numerous applications.

portable compressor

The ZoneAir XATS 1020 is typically found on offshore platforms and vessels for painting and sandblasting, gas flaring, well testing and enhanced oil recovery. As a long-term investment, the ZoneAir XATS 1020 offers a low cost of ownership with simplified maintenance and a 665-liters (175-gallon) stainless steel fuel tank for eight hours of operation at full load, which results in increased uptime.
As a rental option, the ZoneAir XATS 1020 is ideal for seasonal or temporary oil and gas applications. Its containerized housing and forklift slots make it easier to transport and stack for flexibility and versatility on site. Rental customers benefit from the latest Zone 2 (Class 1, Div. 2) compressor technology and reduced downtime with optional 24/7 service support from Atlas Copco’s Specialty Rental division.
The ZoneAir XATS 1020 is driven by a Cummins QSM 11 Tier 3 compliant engine and includes the new C190 screw element from Atlas Copco. The engine features flameproof Pyroban components such as an inlet shutdown valve, inlet flame trap, Exd. alternator and battery system, water-cooled exhaust gas cooler, spark arrestor and engine safety control system.

The ZoneAir XATS 1020 also includes Pyroban’s 3GP gas detection system. The 3GP system is a reliable and proactive gas detection system that guarantees safe operation in a hazardous area. It eliminates the need for exhaust flame arrestors and the related daily maintenance, which increases uptime.
The ZoneAir XATS 1020 is housed in a 15-foot DNV container and is fully ATEX 94/9/EC certified for Zone 2 (Class 1, Div. 2) hazardous area operation. There is a single service side for easy accessibility. Routine maintenance is simplified with heavy duty air filters, a fuel pre-filter with water separator, easily accessible genuine oil filters and central drains to remove liquids.

Other features include an air starter with air reservoirs; external fuel filling and manual fuel cut-off valve; two emergency stops on the opposite sides of the container; a platform shutdown system; and a user-friendly control panel protected by a lockable stainless steel cover. 
Atlas Copco offers Zone 2 (Class 1, Div. 2) compressors and boosters with different capacities and pressures to meet any customer’s needs.  

For further information please contact:

Elsie Vestraets,  PR Coordinator Portable Air Division
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