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Ditch Witch AT32 Ups Rotational Torque for Rock Drilling

Replacing the AT30, the new Ditch Witch AT32 all-terrain horizontal drill offers significant percentage increases in both outer rotational torque (up 29% at 4,200 foot-pounds) and inner rotational torque (up 50% at 1,200 foot pounds).

The 32,000-pound thrust-and-pullback AT32 is designed for drilling through hard rock. Powered by a 155-horsepower Cummins diesel, the drill has a new rod loading system that gives operators the ability to carry 450 feet of AT drill on board – 30% more than the AT30. 

Providing 40% more fluid flow, a new fluid pump helps crews perform longer, larger diameter bores with less downhole tooling wear.

The AT32 "fills a gap in the mid-size HDD market, bringing full-size power to the jobsite without the full-size footprint," says Jeff Davis, Ditch Witch HDD product marketing manager. "The result is a more accessible, compact and versatile machine that provides boosted productivity on a variety of rural and urban jobsites.”

The unit shares the same exterior design, cab and control patterns as other new Ditch Witch drills. The consistent design makes it easy for current customers to instantly be familiar with the machine's  controls, features and operator platform, says the company.
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