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AnTech launches Metior™, the latest innovation in Downhole Analog Pressure Gauges, designed for long-term reliability

Art Steelman Brings Decades of Experience in the Drilling Industry

AnTech Ltd, designer and manufacturer of products and drilling equipment to the upstream oil and gas industry, has just launched Metior™, a Downhole Analog Pressure Gauge, targeted at the well dewatering market which aims to deliver outstanding long-term reliability, at low cost.

The product has been developed in-house by AnTech’s engineering team in answer to customer concerns of significant reliability issues concerning existing products, both in terms of vibration resistance and resistance to various forms of corrosion. Failure rates as high as 1 in 20 gauges have been reported, with microbial induced corrosion also contributing to gauge and tubing failure.

To deliver the greater levels of reliability, the development team focused on several key areas including ease of installation, durability and corrosion resistance.

Tim Mitchell, Sales Manager for AnTech’s Products Division, said: “We have been shown gauge failures where both the gauge and tubing encapsulated cable have been eaten through by microbial induced corrosion. Metior™ has been designed to overcome these issues and more.

“We have taken full advantage of our experience in developing equipment for the underbalanced drilling market to create our latest innovation – the design is compact for ease of installation and has the minimum number of joints to reduce the number of potential points of failure. This also has the benefit of keeping the cost down which is especially important in the de-watering market.”

AnTech states that the Metior™ gauge has been designed to withstand the shock and vibration that can be caused by downhole pumps installed nearby. The new product uses silicon-on sapphire technology for good long-term stability and is currently undergoing testing in accordance with AWES (Advanced Well Equipment Standards) Recommended Practice for Qualification of Downhole Sensors. This qualification gives a quantifiable standard, normally used for high profile projects, against which its performance can be predicted and measured.

“Corrosion resistance has been addressed through the selection of suitable corrosion resistant alloys for all wetted parts making it suitable for use in environments which in the past have proved a challenge for low cost gauges. Corrosion protection even extends to the exposed tubing encapsulated cable with the use of a protective sleeve which has the added benefit of increasing shock and vibration resistance,” adds Tim Mitchell.

About AnTech Ltd

AnTech has been supplying innovative products and services to the upstream oil and gas industry since 1992. It operates from two business divisions, supplying major players in the industry with market-leading equipment, particularly in the areas of permanent monitoring and coiled tubing.

It has a strong design heritage which is reflected in the patents awarded for its designs. It is the leading supplier of electrical and fibre optic wellhead outlets for permanent monitoring applications which are used in almost all oil basins around the world. These range from extremely price sensitive applications to top-of-the-range high pressure, high temperature outlets manufactured to the highest industry standards. A key part of AnTech’s offering is to produce bespoke designs to meet specific customer requirements in a timely manner.

It operates globally from headquarters in the UK and has offices in the USA and KSA.

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