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New and improved line of resin products

Dywidag Systems International (DSI), a provider of Australian mining products for more than thirty years, has announced an improved line of resin products to compliment its full-service line of chemical anchor bolts.

The improved resin product line is a collaborative effort between DSI-Australia and DSI-America, bringing thirty-four years of experience with polyester resin and chemical anchoring to bear.

A rigorous development and testing program has been ongoing for the last fifteen months to ensure that the improved resin meets and exceeds the needs of the Australia and New Zealand coal and metal mining industries. It has been designed to improve anchoring strength by 5 per cent to 20 per cent over the current line of resin products. Gloving of the resin anchor, long considered a problem with chemical anchored bolts, has been greatly reduced and virtually eliminated with the improved product line due to the unique blend of inert fillers and improved qualities of the resin casing.

The product line has been further engineered to match the installation parameters of the current resin offering so that a seamless change between products is possible.
All combinations of mono-speed and dual-speed products that have been available with the current line will also be available with the improved line of products.

The new resins are designed and developed by DSI to further maximise load transfer at the bolt rock interface by improving the frictional fit rather than solely seeking high compressive values in the cured resin.

Roy Jones senior engineer at the DSI resin plant explains, “I am not convinced that there is an excellent correlation with mine pull out tests and punched shear data, I have seen a very hard resin fail in the resin to hole interface in our limestone block pulls. If a very hard resin does not lock into the wall by not scoring the bore hole, or has shrinkage as it sets, etc, then the pull strength will not be that great.”

DSI resins have been developed especially for Australian ground conditions and installation techniques. To ensure DSI achieved this a Mayo machine at our Martinsburg facility is used to provide data on installations, this is done by simulating various techniques on assorted drill rig characteristics with different bolts and hole diameters. These tests are done in tandem with Australian site trials ensuring an easy transition to the new product. A notable variation the team encountered was the US coal requirement for bolts not to be spun up on insertion due to OH&S concerns. The bolts must be fully inserted before spinning; this originally provided a challenge for resin mixing and case gloving in the US. However the resulting technology by overcoming this challenge has provided a superior product when using Australian bolting techniques by providing more consistent installations.

Local resin testing by the same team that designs and manufactures your ground support is seen by many to be a step forward in service by removing delays, and possible conflict between separate identities when analysing mine site bolting problems. The DSI technical service representatives are backed by a local team of engineers who have immediate access to the latest worldwide technology through the DSI global network, and are able to provide a more complete ground support service with in house laboratory resin testing and 24 hour access to a library of lineage traceable retained resin samples.

Dywidag Systems International has several offices around Australia. For more information tel: + 612 4948 9099 or visit:

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