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Liebherr launches the R9250 E

Liebherr launches the R9250 E

Liebherr has announced that it will make an electric drive version of its R9250 hydraulic excavator- the R9250 E. This is due to the significant fuel price increases seen during the last few years which have led many mining operations to investigate alternative energy sources. Electrically driven hydraulic excavators also require less maintenance and service support than their diesel counterparts, helping mines to save costs.

The R9250 E has a nominal motor output of 1050kW in 6000v and 50Hz networks. The AC squirrel cage motor requires only minimal maintenance and all electrical installations are protected on IP 55 EN 60529 standards.

The standard version of the R9250 E has a backhoe configuration with a 9m gooseneck boom and a 4m stick. In face shovel configuration the machine is equipped with a 6.3m swing boom and a 4.2m shovel stick. In both arrangements the machine features a 15m³ capacity bucket which can load a 120t dump truck in four to five passes. Buckets are interchangeable depending on the application.

The first units have now been delivered to Russia and have commenced operation. Additionally, Liebherr is currently developing the first marine P9250 electric excavators.
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