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Champion Compressors

Air Compressor Tips and Tricks

Simply following our air compressor tips can offer you energy efficiency improvements of between 20 to 50 percent. It is very easy to save energy and operating costs on your compressed air system by:

  • Maintaining your air compressor system regularly.
  • Selecting the correct air compressor for your needs.
  • Optimising the size of your air distribution system.
  • Controlling air quality.

Simple Changes To Save You $ Thousands

  • Turn off compressed air equipment when not in use.
  • Reduce air pressure to the minimum required to do the job.
  • Prevent unnecessary compressed air use on drying or cleaning.
  • Educate staff to look out for waste and leaks, and report these immediately.
  • Hot air ducted away from the air compressor intake area can be used for space or water heating.

Low Cost Improvements

  • Regularly check for leaks in all piping, joints, drains, valves, flexible hoses, fittings, and filter and lubricator units. For example, a 6.4mm hole could waste $3,400 per year on an air compressor system operating at 700kPa.
  • Install automatic timers to turn off your air compressor when not in use.
  • Service your air compressor as recommended by its manufacturers.
  • Reduce air temperatures, as the temperature of the air drawn in by your air compressor can significantly affect running costs.
  • 6% of energy can be saved by using cooler air from outside your air compressor room.
  • Shorten air distribution distances or look at moving your air compressor closer to where your compressed air is used.
  • Check all belt drives for tension regularly in belt-driven air compressors. Energy losses due to incorrect tension due to excessive stress on air compressors and motor bearings are common.  

Purchase Wisely

  • Select the air compressor size that runs most efficiently when it is run at ‘full load’.
  • Ensure that your air compressor matches your needs, and do not install an oversized compressor to meet anticipated future demand. Purchasing an additional, appropriately sized air compressor when needed later is usually more economical and efficient.
  • Consider energy efficient accessories to minimise energy losses in compressed air systems such as high efficiency filters and dryers, or choose a compressors with variable outputs.
  • Choose appropriately sized air receivers to act as a buffer between output and demand.
  • Request a power cost calculation or a compressed air audit is conducted.

Elgi’s eco-friendly alternative with electric portables
Continuing its eco-friendly initiative, Elgi has developed a new series of electric powered portable screw air compressors- E75. Since its launch of 60 HP electric powered portables, Elgi has yet again proven its capability to design and customize its new series of electric powered portables based on end customer’s need.


This new family of electric powered trolley is dedicated to lowering operating expenses thus offering higher returns on investment for the customer. Powered by Elgi’s unique N-profile energy-efficient airends, the compressor ensures increased reliability. The E75 series suit not only standard pressure applications such as powering breakers and tools in road repair, but also more specialized uses including sand blasting, pigging, drilling, optical fibre blowing etc. The electric powered portables are ideal where electric power is available, and in work environments where quiet and emission-free conditions are required. 

One of the remarkable features of Elgi’s portables is their ruggedness and easy maneuverability. Operating at pressures up to 150 psig, the new units are capable of functioning in all ambient temperature conditions and dusty environments. The high performance pre-filter foam supports the canopy to catch the dust, thus preventing the dust entering the compressor. The compressor is provided with height adjustable drawbar and parking brake. As an additional feature, the compressor is designed with closed base-frame bottom to hold oil-spills.

Presently three models are developed in E75 series with working pressures of 7, 9.5 and 10.5 barg. Elgi will be shortly launching the whole range of electric powered portables catering to the needs of Construction & mining sectors.

Elgi has already been a key supplier of diesel powered portables to construction & mining industries in Australia, South America, South Africa, Middle East and Indonesia. The company’s new set up of wholly owned subsidiaries in China, Middle East and Brazil would enable the company to further expand its product offering and ensure immediate service to its global customers. The recent Rio Tinto’s approval for Elgi’s diesel powered portables has also served as an excellent platform for enhancing its operations in the global mining market.  

In India, Elgi is the only manufacturer to offer high volume and high-pressure diesel powered compressors for CBM (Coal Bed Methane) drilling. The company offers a wide range of single-stage and two-stage diesel portables from 175 to 1200 cfm and pressure variants up to 350 psig, powered by international warranty engines. Furthermore as a revolutionary breakthrough, Elgi has developed the world’s first single-stage high-pressure diesel portable, rated at 250 psig. Traditionally, single-stage compressors can operate only up to 200 psig. Overcoming this conventionality, Elgi’s contemporary single–stage compressor was designed to produce more than 200 psig of high pressure air. It is a notable point that this product was developed in a record time of just 6 months!  

In addition to its state-of-the-art air compressors, Elgi has also the capability to provide countrywide after sales and service. The new electronic monitoring system- CTMS- allows Elgi to offer its customers an even better aftermarket service. CTMS ensures that the portable compressors can be tracked at all times and at any location.

For further information, please contact
G. Sadish
Sr. Manager - Business Development
Construction & Mining
Elgi Equipments Ltd
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Coimbatore- 641005
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