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Atlas Copco W6 C ITH drill rig rolls out globally

Atlas Copco W6 C ITH drill rig rolls out globally

After having proven itself at LKAB, in Sweden, one of the world’s leading producers of iron ore products, Atlas Copco is now releasing the production drilling rig Simba W6 C to the market.

Patrik Ericsson, product manager Simba rigs, Atlas Copco, says: “Our commitment to the customer is to provide the best possible tool for their application. Working together with a leading mining company such as LKAB has proven that high demands create great solutions.”

Focusing on high productivity, reliability and hole accuracy, Atlas Copco and LKAB have worked for years on developing production drilling rigs for successively longer holes with a minimum of hole deviation. This focus has paved the way for increasing the distance between the sub levels.

The Simba W469 rigs, introduced in 1995, have been working successfully in both Kiruna and Malmberget. In 2006/2007 these rigs were complemented by the Simba W6 C rigs. The Simba W6 C rig is specially adapted to the Wassara water driven in-the-hole (ITH) hammer and gives long, straight holes with a minimum hole deviation of less than 1%.

Besides long hole drilling, the Simba W6 C can also be modified for slot hole drilling, a method that is used in LKAB’s Malmberget mine.

The Simba W6 C rigs have now been in production for more than two years in LKAB’s Kiruna and Malmberget mines and the results have so far lived up to the company’s high expectations according to Atlas Copco.

The rigs are equipped with a rig control system which optimises the performance for ITH applications. The Simba W6 C rigs offer unattended drilling in full fan automation, enabling the operator to supervise several drill rigs at the same time.

In cases where manual operation is preferred, the rig’s cabin offers a good working environment with air conditioning, vibration dampening and noise insulation.

An important feature is the water pump system which gives high efficiency, low water spillage and low overall cost. An air venting system ensures long pump life, and the pump pressure control optimises hammer efficiency and life length.
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