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Numa - Patriot 125 Hammer is one Californian's Dream Come True!


That’s the buzz after a California based utility contractor recently purchased a Numa Patriot 125 hammer and a P125 24” bit to drill utility holes.

Ever wonder what a big down hole hammer sounds like drilling an impressive 7’ in 15 minutes through a hard rock formation?

Just click on the YouTube link here to hear the best down hole hammer and bit in action!

Numa can offer its customers a complete package. Everything that’s needed - from a side inlet swivel, floating cushion sub, adaptor, drill rod, shroud, Numa hammers and Numa bits - we can do it all!

On this particular site, our technically savvy sales people worked directly with the customer to custom design a power house of tooling using a 1600 CFM / 150 PSI compressor and a dangle drill setup with a rotary head attached and a side inlet swivel to get the air from the compressor to the hammer – converting their boom truck into a drilling machine!

Contact one of our outstanding technical sales people today to help you design what you need to get the job done - and when you are ready, we provide the best technical service to demonstrate how to most effectively use it - saving you time and money!

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