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TEI rolls out ‘largest’ skid-steer base model

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The HCM GEO is the only attachment offered by US-based TEI for the installation of geothermal boreholes. The firm claims the base machine for this drill must be the largest of skid-steer models, with a 100hp engine, rubber tracks and a 10,000lb weight.

Using a skid steer as the powerpack for the drill has advantages for the contractor installing residential or small, commercial geothermal projects. The availability of buckets, trenchers, backhoes, pallet forks, augers and more makes a skid-steer loader a handy piece of equipment on a geothermal site.

The mast of the HCM GEO uses 2m sections of drill pipe and casing. This rig is capable of drilling holes of up to 200ft deep and 5in in diameter. Two stabilisers have been built into the drilling tool to stabilise the mast during drilling.

The HCM GEO has a unique method for adding and pulling drill pipe. The rotary-head RDS550 is mounted to a plate that can swivel 90° to the right or left. This motion allows the driller’s helper to load the drill pipe from nearby pipe racks.

The drill develops torque of 5,000 ft/lb, up to 150rpm, supplied by the RDS550 rotary head. A mast pullback of 12,000lb is supplied by the HCFH8 feed system. The machine requires 40gpm of hydraulic oil at 2,500psi.

TEI only sells the unit outside the UK as it does not conform with the rig-guarding requirements of the Health  & Safety Executive.

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