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New Minetruck MT42 for superior productivity in underground haulage

Atlas Copco’s new Minetruck MT42 represents our next generation of underground trucks. This high-speed 42 tonne articulated truck has been designed to maximize productivity as well as provide increased safety and excellent operator comfort in underground haulage applications. The Minetruck MT42 is available now in Scandinavia and Canada and will be launched globally in 2011.

Minetruck MT42

The Minetruck MT42 is powered by a fuel efficient, low-emission Cummins QSX15 520 hp EPA Tier 3/Stage IIIA engine, coupled with proven drivetrain components, delivering reliable performance and high speed on ramps. The transmission has eight forward and two reverse gears and features a self-diagnostic system for rapid troubleshooting.
Operator comforts in the standard ISO ROPS/FOPS certified cabin include an air suspended forward-facing seat, a clear, multifunction display monitor, air conditioning and a trainer’s seat. The operator’s sound exposure is below 80 dB (A) in the cabin. Front axle suspension further contributes to operator comfort, while also allowing greater speeds on mine roadways.
Proven performance
An extensive, 12-month field test at Boliden’s Garpenberg mine in Sweden proved the capabilities of the Minetruck MT42, while also winning praise from the operators. “The Minetruck MT42 has a lot of power and with its four wheel drive it can go anywhere,” says Stefan Olsson, a truck operator for mining contractor Euromining.
Fellow operator, Jan Lehtinen also appreciates the driving qualities of the new Minetruck. “The MT42 is able to go round corners that other trucks would need to back up again and again to get round. Both backwards and forwards, it takes corners smoothly,” he says.

“Some trucks can lose traction on inclines, especially when they are not carrying a load or in wet conditions. This is no problem for the MT42, you just drive straight on.”

Advanced productivity
The articulated steering increases maneuverability and allows agile cornering, while the dump system can discharge a full load in just 13 seconds. Rear facing cameras, one backup camera and one loading camera covering the box, complement the operator’s view from the cabin.  
The truck’s brakes are spring applied, hydraulic released (SAHR) – the safest in the industry. SAHR brakes eliminate the need for a separate parking brake, are low maintenance and provide extended service life. A service bay on the side of the truck allows easy access to filters, valve blocks and service points for daily maintenance and the cabin can be hydraulically tilted to expose the engine bay.
For further information, please contact:
Marcus Lundbergh, Product Manager, Medium loaders and trucks
+46 70 191 5781, e-mail:
Elisabeth Nilsson, Communications Professional
+46 19 670 7019, e-mail:

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