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The Benefits of Mud Rotary Drilling

Mud rotary drilling is not the only way to put a hole in the ground, but it is undoubtedly the most versatile and dependable method. The following list includes some of the advantages that we see in mud rotary drilling.

  • The right combinations of mud weight, viscosity, filtration control and maybe the addition of some lost circulation material will stabilize most in-place formations and some alluvial deposits as well.
  • The hydrostatic pressure in the borehole caused by the weight of the drilling mud will overcome most formation pressure associated with water, oil or gas pressure.
  • Most importantly, and contrary to popular belief, drilling mud does not damage formations it contacts. It actually protects them by preventing the intrusion of fluid into the formation. In contrast, any form of air drilling produces fluid from the formation during the drilling process and leaves the formation wide open for cross contamination and formation damage when the compressor is closed.
  • The drilling mud weight, viscosity, and filtration rate are parameters that we monitor closely while drilling. This is done to protect the formation and to maximize the productivity of the well. Wells drilled with low solids, low filtration drilling muds develop faster and are more productive than wells drilled with air in the same area.
  • Lost circulation can bring most drilling operations to a complete halt. The nature of drilling mud is such that we can, in many cases, drill without circulation ("drilling blind"). Most often we are able to mix bulk materials (paper, cellophane, cottonseed hulls) in our drilling mud and heal up zones that are taking the fluid. Doing this successfully is an art and our people are skilled at restoring lost circulation.

When your air drillers are unable to drill to the desired depth, give us a call. Using mud rotary techniques, we will reach your target depth.

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