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Global warming may take a pause in India: study

Kiel/Germany: A study conducted in Germany suggests that at least over the next five years there will be no effects of global warming in India. In fact, there may be some cooling.
"We made a forecast till 2015. What we see in our forecast is that global warming will basically take a pause, also in Asia, in South Asia and especially in India. Warming may not continue till 2015" says Prof Mojib Latif.
Scientists conducted an extensive study of ocean currents and temperatures to arrive at the theory. Whats more, they say, the cooling trend may well continue beyond 2015.
"In principle, natural fluctuations can lead to a pause of global warming for an even longer time, until 2020 or 2025. However, this then would also mean that there after global warming will be accelerated by the same processes" said Latif.

The happy side to the forecast may well be that we can look to cooler summers in India over the next many years.

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