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Dr Ritesh Aryas Press release to mark the Start of Copenhagen meeting on Climate Change 2009 Dec held in Chandigarh on 6th December 2009

About Dr Ritesh Arya

Award-winning Indian Geologist Dr. Ritesh Arya, who specializes in hydrogeology and groundwater resources in the Himalayas and holds the Guinness World Record, in a press conference held here today, declared, "Global warming is natural, enjoy it" and asserted that "man is too small to cause any impact on global warming." Arya, has authored several research papers and was invited by the Royal Geographical Society in 2005,International Association of Hydrogeologist(China) 2006  Global Conference on global warming(Turkey) in 2008 &World Water Week (Sweden) 2009 to discuss climate change, warns that "global cooling will lead to our extinction."

The fear and hype surrounding the issue of Global Warming phenomenon is misleading and incorrect.

Indian Geologist Dr. Ritesh Arya, who specializes in hydrogeology and groundwater resources in the Himalayas, in a press conference held here today, declared, "Global warming is natural, enjoy it" and asserted that "man is too small to cause any impact on global warming."
“Global warming is beyond temperatures, Green House Gases or carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. It is also not a mathematical relationship between these parameters. Global warming is part of the Natural cyclic process alternating between global cooling and global warming.”  Global warming follows global cooling and vice versa. It acts as a transporting phenomenon responsible for transporting and releasing various materials deposited during global cooling times, he further added. Arya (2009) GCGW Turkey

The Myth and Reality about Global Warming
Dr Arya, says, “A myth has been created that man contributes to the global warming process. But, in reality, Man is a product of global warming and not its creator. Man has no role in the acceleration or deceleration of the global cooling-warming cycles.  In fact, it is the global cooling, which will lead to his extinction rather than global warming.”

 Yes glaciers are melting , they had been melting in the past since the dawn of the warming age marking the end of Ice age >10000 years ago. Infact majority of the glaciers in Himalayas had become extinct in the past much before industrialisation or advent of man made activities. Rates of recession of the glaciers though unknown were at pace with todays time. Glaciers have not started melting all of a sudden they have been melting in the past but today we are able to document them more properly that is the only difference. But showing those photographs and creating panic is not the solution.....Need is to understand the global warming phenomenon in totality.

Global Warming v/s Pollution:
GLOBAL WARMING IS 100% NATURAL its like day and night, birth and death
Pollution can be both man made and natural. We can cure man made pollution by inventing better and green technologies and energy efficient buildings. But, man cannot control natural pollution like in the case of a major volcanic eruption. As happened in Deccan volcanism around 60 million years ago, which led to extinction of Dinosaurs, or massive granite intrusions along the Indus Suture Zone leading to the evolution and upliftment of the Himalayas around 10 million years ago.  Similarly, global warming cannot be controlled by man. He is too small too create impact on a global scale to bring about global warming.  “So-called greenhouse gases are essential for our survival now and increased population in the future, but today these gases are treated as if they are threatening our very existence by enhancing the global warming processes. Global cooling will lead to our extinction. Imagine living in Antarctica or Greenland for the rest of the life without water, without cyclones, without floods. So it's high time we learn to enjoy global warming," Arya said. 

New Evidences: A result of 15 years of research in remote Himalayan regions
Dr Ritesh Arya, in his research spread over a period of 15 years in different regions of the Himalayan mountain range coincidently discovered evidences of Indus glacier while drilling a water well for Indian army in Ladakh This led to viewing of all the geomorphic features in different perspective. Since then he has discovered new evidences that conclusively question the premise that global warming is man made or man’s action has speeded up the global warming process.
Some of these evidences, Dr Arya says, include:

  • extinct glacier: evidences of extinct glacier shows that maximum glaciers in Himalayas have become extinct much before the advent of the Industrial Revolution;
  • Indus River ::  evidences of paleo(ancient) river Indus signatures  are beautifully carved on the rocks; 4-5 such signatures are found in the site Each signature represents global warming and cooling cycle. These events  had taken place since the last ICE age. These signatures are indicators that cycles of warming and cooling occur at its own pace and has nothing to do with man or his activities.
  • Flooding :  Paleo(ancient) Glacial floods take place when the glaciers melt and the glacial deposits are transported due to the action of  high energy regime  created as a result of Hydrostatic disequilibrium resulting due to global warming. This acts only at the time of global warming maxima which happens only once or twice during the global cooling warming cycles.
  • Lake out burst 800 years ago when the global warming was at its maximum, and there was no large scale man made industrial pollution. 

The CO2 cycle
The excessive emission of the CO2 is being blamed by UNIPCC as contributing factor to the increase in global warming. Regarding this, Dr Arya, says, “In school we have studied the important role played by CO2 in the food chain. More CO2 can be a boon for producing more plants. More plants are needed for the ever growing population. So where is the problem?” CO2 is part of the food chain cycle and not linked to temperature. There is no authentic report to suggest the link.

What is at stake?   
Dr Arya warns, “If we don’t take any action the future of our generation is at stake. Our resources and planning everything is at stake”. Yes everybody is talking of taking action but action in which direction. If we take action against fighting pollution we need better technology pollution created by man can be controlled but global warming is 100% natural and cannot be controlled by man, he added.
Pollution and warming has been mixed and that is the root cause of all the problem and our fears regarding global warming.
“So, if we play CARBON CREDIT GAMES as propagated by UNIPCC we can control man made pollution effectively but what about GLOBAL WARMING? Who is going to control Global warming?” he asked.
Yes we cannot control it.
So why the whole fuss about climate change and man having any role and why the two are mixed and the whole confusion being created. He further the question as to “Why Noble prizes are being awarded for creating this confusion?”We need to find answers to this and the solution to this man made confusion of man having any relationship with warming will be solved.

The Solution
In Dr Arya’s opinion the solution in building sustainable habitats in geologically sound locations away from shores, away from rivers banks away from coasts where impact of flooding and cyclones could be minimised and live in harmony with global warming.  

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