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Digging a irrigation well today is much simpler than in was 60 years ago

To have an irrigation system that works well, you must have a reliable water source. Irrigation wells are a well used solution because they can store vast amounts of water for irrigating purposes, especially during the very hot and dry months of the year. Most irrigation wells have a screened bottom that allows the water to enter the well while keeping debris out.
While irrigations wells provide the water you need for irrigating your garden or crops, you need to service it annually for it to operate properly. Always keep the pumping level above the screen to prevent the build up of mineral deposits. It is a good idea to chlorinate the well before and after each irrigation season. This will help control the amount of bacteria that grows in the well.
Keeping your screen cleaned out and conducting the proper maintenance will keep your irrigation well running for years without any serious problems. Most of the problems with irrigation wells have to do with the screen. It can be a blockage caused by debris or chemicals. Make sure you clean the screen on your irrigation wells at least once per month. If you don’t chlorinate then you will have to do it at least once a month to prevent blockage. It is much easier to prevent these issues with the use of proper maintenance then to have to manually remove the blockage with various tools.
It is important that individuals are aware not to drink any water than comes from irrigation well. This water is not treated for consumption and it could result in serious illness or death due to the types of bacteria found in irrigation well water. The use of irrigation wells saves ranchers and farmers thousands of dollars each year.
Digging irrigation well today is much simpler than in was 60 years ago when these wells were dug with shovels. Can you imagine the work to dig through the hard ground of limestone and shale? Those early irrigation wells were similar to the holes dug for the oil industry.

Today there is special equipment available to dig irrigation well for you. This type of equipment can be rented or you can hire a professional irrigation well digger to do it for you. The most common type of irrigation well drilling today is called reverse hydraulic rotary drilling. Keeping your irrigation wells clean will help ensure they work properly.

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