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Vietnamese rental expert rolls out Asia’s first 12-bar CP compressor for piling

CP compressor

Asia's first 12-bar Chicago Pneumatic (CP) compressor, a CPS 375, is being used on a foundations contract in Hanoi, Vietnam to ‘flush out’ 50m-deep borings for concrete piles.

The first Chicago Pneumatic (CP) high-pressure 12-bar portable air compressor to have been sold in Asia is working on a foundations contract in Vietnam, where it is being used to flush water and soil from the bottom of 50m-deep piling bore holes.

Hanoi-based compressor rental specialist Truong Loc (TLC), which owns the CPS 375, is supplying the unit to foundations contractor Delta Construction.

TLC was the first company in Vietnam to buy CP portable compressors.

The launch of the CP brand in Vietnam earlier this year was a significant move, because the portable compressor market is dominated by second-hand machines, mostly from Japan. However, the nation’s construction sector is performing increasingly strongly, with an enormous public-sector infrastructural programme and the private sector also showing powerful growth, and contractors are beginning to appreciate the advantages of new compressors.

Established in 2003 and specialising in the rental of generating sets to the construction, transport and military sectors, TLC represents a new generation of Vietnamese plant specialists prepared to invest in advanced brand-name technology.

Previously relying on used Japanese-brand compressors, the two CP machines – the second unit is a 7-bar CPS 275 compressor – are the first new units in its fleet.

Delta Construction is using the CPS 375 on a three-month contract to install the foundations for the Toan Cau Oil & Gas office building project in Hanoi, where the contractor is boring 200 holes for piling.

The holes, 50m deep and varying in diameter from 80cm to 1m, pass through soft mud and layers of impacted clay and sand.

When the bored hole has reached its full depth and the steel lining has been installed, the compressor is used to blow the water and soil back up out of the hole, so that the reinforcing steel cage can be inserted and the concrete poured. It takes about a day to complete one pile.

Delta had earlier used a larger compressor for the project, but, after 80 holes had been bored, the machine had to be deployed elsewhere, so TLC supplied the CPS 375 for use on the remaining 120 holes.

The CPS 375 has a free air delivery of 10.4m3/min (367cfm) at 12 bar for high-pressure applications and is powered by a Deutz four-cylinder diesel engine rated at 104 kW.

Each unit is assigned an operator for the duration of the rental, ensuring competent operation and eliminating any misuse that can happen with unskilled operatives.

Mr Hoang Tri Tho, the TLC operator on the Delta project, says that the compressor is working for only about an hour per day but that it has to work quickly and cleanly so that the contractor can install the reinforcement and the concrete.

He said: “I’m used to working with second-hand compressors, which give problems with reliability and servicing, but we have had no difficulties, even in the bad weather we have been experiencing during the typhoon season.”

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