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Champion champions energy efficiency

Australia-based Champion Compressors has launched a ‘PowerSave Options’ suite – a selection of energy-saving systems that can be factory-fitted to any compressor in the company’s range.

PowerSave Options allows users to customise their air compressor with specific energy-saving features best suited to their application and incorporate a selection of air-filtration and heat-recovery systems, as well as various air-end and drive configurations.

Many of Champion’s PowerSave Options systems can be retrofitted to existing compressors, while all of the company’s energy-saving systems are incorporated into its new off-the-shelf units or customised compressors.

PowerSave Options includes a shielded separator pre-filter and a cyclonic air-intake filter that can be selected in isolation or as a combination.

Dino Alessio, Champion Compressors national sales and marketing manager, said: “Blocked filters are a very real threat, given the hot, dusty and humid conditions prevalent throughout Australia. Our cyclonic air filters have been specifically engineered to minimise blockages and the resulting inefficiencies that these will cause.”

According to Mr Alessio, additional energy efficiencies may be realised by specifying modulating control, a variable output air-end or a variable-speed drive. Furthermore, energy efficiencies can be improved by the PowerSave Options heat-recovery systems, which recover waste heat for re-use by either the compressor itself, or by external processes such as process water heating.

Mr Alessio said: “Compressors will typically produce air at 30°C, but this is cooled in the driers and filters to around 18°C, effectively taking energy out of the air.

“Our regenerative-air system uses waste heat generated by the compressor to re-heat the newly-produced compressed air. For every 3°C the compressed air can be heated up, there is a corresponding increase in power efficiency of 1%. If the compressed air can be heated from 18°C to 50°C, a 10% energy saving can be realised.”
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