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TAG uses specially modified drill for 56m-deep piles in Hanoi

deep piles

FOUNDATION specialist Thien An Group (TAG) of Vietnam is using a newly-delivered Liebherr LB 28 rotary-drilling rig for the excavation of 56m-deep piles on a commercial building being constructed in the centre of Hanoi.

The contractor has also used a Liebherr HS 855 HD duty-cycle crawler crane, fitted with a mechanical grab, which was manufactured in TAG’s own factory on the outskirts of Hanoi, to excavate 550m of slurry walling to a depth of 25m.

The LB 28 is one of two new units that were delivered to TAG in the middle of 2009, taking the company’s total number of crawler cranes and drilling rigs to six units. The new machines have been delivered direct through the Hanoi representative office of Liebherr- Werk Nenzing GmbH.

With the 0.8m-wide slurry wall in place, work has now begun on excavations for the 56 piles required for the project, each of which measures 1.5m in diameter. The LB 28 is using a 72m EMDE 4 fold kelly bar and 1.5m-diameter bucket to cut through the multiple layers of impacted and hard clay and gravel to the specified depth of 56m.

TAG, a civil and industrial construction contractor, which specialises in building foundations and basements, has wide experience of Hanoi’s soil conditions.

“The bedrock is about 70m deep, but, with wide-diameter piles, there is no need to go to that depth,” said TAG chairman Dinh Viet Them. “The footprint of the building is relatively small and this number of wide-diameter piles is sufficient for the required load-bearing, even though the soil is relatively soft.”

Tran Nhan Te, Liebherr-Werk Nenzing’s chief representative in Hanoi, said that the LB 28 had been modified specially for Vietnam and other Asian countries.

“The standard specification for the LB 28 is a 25t kelly winch with a 1,100mm drilling axle, but for this market the machine has been equipped with a 30t kelly winch with a 1,300mm drilling axle,” he said.

“In Vietnam and other Asian countries in which ground conditions are soft, longer and wider piles are often needed to provide greater friction. Piling to depths of 67m is fairly common, and this modification enables a kelly bar of up to 72m in length to be used.

“We can do this for the LB 28 and LB 36 drilling rigs, adding an ‘XL’ designation to indicate the modification. The components are all modular, so the change in specification is easy to achieve.”

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