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Tribunals not solution to water woes

PANAJI: Noted social activist Medha Patkar on Sunday said that water disputes should be solved through basin level consultations and tribunals formed by the Centre are mere political processes.

The Narmada Bachao Andolan founder was reacting to the Centre’s decision on December 10 to constitute the Mhadei water dispute tribunal to resolve the longpending issue between Goa and Karnataka over distribution of river water which originates in Karnataka and falls in Arabian Sea in Goa.

“Don’t depend only on tribunals to resolve the disputes. They are basically political processes and without
any representation to communities,” the 54-year-old leader said. She said tribunals only listen to the state
governments and don’t go to the communities.

“The state is represented on these tribunals by chief engineers, politicians and their advocates, not the community.
Local advocacy has to come from people and people only,” she added. Patkar said that states should not be the criteria to decide water distribution. The decision should be made on the basis of the river basin. “There should be
basin level consultations that will bring decentralized management,” the social activist said.

Commenting on the Goa-Karnataka water dispute, she said that a stateversus- state situation is not the right way to solve river disputes. “There should be equitable distribution of waters and proper use which can be done by damming water at thousand places and not at one point,” Patkar opined. She also claimed that although tribunals can resolve political conflicts, they don’t bring out the actual data. “This has been an experience in the past. The Narmada tribunal took 10 years to give its verdict. Political conflicts are created to control and mesmerise the population,” she stated.

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