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The hybrid takes it all


The Sandvik CR800 series of hybrids is the result of creative engineering skills. It is a reliable range of machines that combine the advantages of a classic double roll crusher with state-of-the-art sizer technology. Features including compact design, automatic lubrication, aggressive tooth geometry, minimum space requirement and high capacity (up to 12,000 mtph (13,228 stph)) make them efficient crushers of limestone, overburden, coal and ores in primary and secondary crushing stages.
Sandvik hybrids are equipped with flywheels that can store energy and thus compensate for energy peaks during operation, enabling the use of a smaller drive motor.

The hybrid’s hydraulic gap adjustment system, featuring an integrated overload protection device and tramp iron protection, makes this machine unique compared with any other crusher of this type today. The hydraulic gap adjustment system offers such benefits as wear compensation and the possibility to make adaptations to meet changing product-size requirements. The output product generated by the CR810 contains a minimum of fines due to the large space between the teeth of the rollers.

A monitoring system fitted onboard allows easy online measurement of bearing, temperature and speed and feed. Furthermore, the hybrid is maintenance-friendly, for example, single picks can be exchanged quickly and easily. It is not necessary to disassemble machine parts since only the single wear part is replaced. With its high capacity and extensive range of features, the Sandvik hybrid is a flexible primary or secondary crusher that is ideal for overburden crushing as well as crushing of any medium-hard, wet, sticky or even hard materials. The hybrid can be used in IPCC installations.

Main benefits:

  • minimum production of fines in output
  • high throughput capacity
  • hydraulic gap adjustment system
  • overload protection
  • capable of processing wet or sticky material
  • automatic lubrication
  • monitoring system
  • low operating costs
  • high efficiency
  • minimal downtime
  • easy adjustability for changing requirements

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Svetlana Timchenko
+7 (495) 980-7535

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