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CIS contract for Sandvik


Sandvik Mining and Construction and Russian steel and mining company Severstal, have signed an agreement for the supply of submerged drilling equipment, including an RH 550r Hammer, 172mm bits and 18mm grinding caps to the LLC Beresitoviy Rudnik mining operation. Severstal has also decided to use Sandvik drill tools at two more of its gold-mining facilities.

LLC Beresitoviy Rudnik is one of the largest gold-mining companies in the Amur region of the Russia. The mine is characterised by very hard and abrasive rock grades, resulting in difficult drilling conditions. The decision was taken to purchase Sandvik’s product following a series of tests at the mine.

The tests demonstrated that Sandvik’s DTH hammers can develop a penetration rate of 0.87m per minute through the rock, which is 37% higher than the speed of similar tools by other manufacturers, with 33% better durability.

Through this contract, Sandvik will gain access to a new share of the CIS market.

“In these recessionary times, it is particularly important to cut costs, optimise production, reduce downtime and minimise all possible risks. Over the past three years, Sandvik’s drill tools have proven their reliability, quality and cost efficiency. The test report shows that the selection of Sandvik as a supplier was the right choice,” said Vladimir Bogomolov, general director of LLC Beresitoviy Rudnik.

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