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Bauer Maschinen opens new plant in Texas, US

Bauer Maschinen

Bauer Maschinen GmbH, based in Bavaria, Germany, has opened a new plant in Conroe, Texas, US. The opening party was attended by over 200 local people, customers and political figures.

Dr Sebastian Bauer, Bauer’s managing director, highlighted the facility’s strategic importance: “Anyone who is aware of the dollar-euro exchange rate knows just how important it is to produce at market prices. Otherwise, in view of recent exchange-rate fluctuations, prices of drilling rigs could theoretically double within just a few years. By localisation we‘re able to keep prices stable in the medium term.”

In assessing current market conditions, Dr Bauer continued: “We were a bit late for the last boom, and we are a bit early for the next one. But we are well placed to respond rapidly when it comes along.” The company emphasised that there is a huge backlog of infrastructure engineering projects in the US, meaning that there is also demand for machinery.

The Conroe facility at present is making Bauer BG 12 and BG 24 drill rigs, Klemm KR 806, kelly bars, casing tubes and drilling tools. The 320,000m² site, incorporating 12,400m² of factory space, comprises an assembly hall, a steel component production facility, paint shop and a finishing hall. The long-term plan is for complete local production of machinery.

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