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Atlas Copco update

Atlas Copco update

Atlas Copco has announced a series of new product releases and updates to its customer care programmes.

MT42 Minetruck

The company has just introduced its new MT42 Minetruck to the Scandinavian and Canadian markets. This is a high-speed, 42t articulated truck, designed to maximise productivity and provide increased safety in underground haulage applications.

The MT42 is powered by a low-emission Cummins QSX15 520hp EPA Tier 3/Stage IIIA engine, coupled with proven drive train components to deliver reliable performance and high speed on ramps. The articulated steering increases maneuverability and allows agile cornering, while the dump system can discharge a full load in just 13 seconds.

The truck’s brakes are spring applied, hydraulic released (SAHR) eliminating the need for a separate parking brake. A service bay on the side of the truck allows easy access to filters, valve blocks and service points for daily maintenance and the cabin can be hydraulically tilted to expose the engine bay.

Operator comforts in the standard ISO ROPS/FOPS certified cabin include an air suspended forward-facing seat, a multifunction display monitor, air conditioning and a trainer’s seat.

The model has completed an extensive 12-month field test at Boliden’s Garpenberg mine in Sweden, winning praise from the operators and is due to be launched globally in 2011.

Scooptram ST7
Atlas Copco’s latest addition to its Scooptram range of underground loaders - the Scooptram ST7 - has been undergoing field trials at Lovisagruvan’s lead/zinc mine in central Sweden for almost a year and has passed all of its trials by a wide margin.

Mine manager, Jan-Erik Björklund said: “The Scooptram ST7 has been going for more than 2 000h and we have seen a productivity increase of almost 100%, going from two loads per shift to nearly four. In addition, we previously had four loaders in operation and now we only need one.

“Only a few modifications have been required during the test period and our operators are very happy with it. They think it is more comfortable to drive and easy to service – so we think it’s a good investment for us.”

The ST7 has a tramming capacity of 6.8t, articulated steering and an oscillating rear axle. It is powered by a clean burning, 193hp 6.7l Cummins Tier 3 engine and benefits from traction control to increase loading performance and improve tyre life. A load-sensing hydraulic system increases traction and improves fuel economy.  

Key safety features include SAHR brakes and automatic brake testing with diagnostics and logging. Safety is further enhanced by three emergency machine stop buttons and a system that applies the brakes, blocks steering, and prevents bucket movement when the cabin door is open.

A low-profile version, the Scooptram ST7LP is also available with a canopy height of just 1,390mm. The Scooptram ST7 will be available in Scandinavia, Peru and Canada by mid 2010 and launched globally in 2011.

Care Concepts
In addition to new products, Atlas Copco has expanded its maintenance Care concept to cover underground equipment such as Scooptram loaders, drill rigs and rock drills.

The company’s service packages include: Scoop Care, Rig Care, ROC Care and COP Care for both surface and underground equipment.

Scoop Care, which also covers the Minetruck range, offers: scheduled equipment services and inspections at regular intervals, including preventive maintenance carried out in accordance with factory recommendations and all necessary parts; Inspection protocols, ensuring that equipment has been properly serviced. Any additional work required can either be carried out by an Atlas Copco technician or by the equipment owners’ personnel with parts supplied by Atlas Copco; An extended warranty for up to two years or 5,000h of operation.

The Rig Care and COP Care agreements are designed to keep drilling equipment in peak condition, and are also based on scheduled service, inspection protocols and preventive maintenance.

A key benefit of these agreements is that the frequency of the service is based on actual impact hours, ensuring that the cost of the agreement is proportional to production. With the COP Care agreement, the rock drill is overhauled every 400 impact hours.

During the overhaul, the rock drill is restored to peak condition and a detailed inspection protocol is produced, highlighting any additional measures that may be necessary before the next scheduled service takes place.   

Similarly, Rig Care ensures optimum performance and maximum availability with scheduled inspections, factory-recommended preventive maintenance and regular servicing to keep the rig in peak condition.

Both agreements offer an extended warranty of three years or 3,000h of operation/impact hours.

Global training programme
In addition, Atlas Copco has launched a global training program for its customers’ drill rig operators. Drill Master, is an intensive training programme consisting of three levels - bronze, silver and gold - with qualifications enabling trainees to advance to the next level, and will be available in January 2010.

The programme has been designed for operators within the construction and mining sector and the training will be run by Atlas Copco instructors.

At the bronze level, trainees will be exposed to drilling principles and geological conditions. At silver, they will transform the theoretical skills obtained into hands-on training by using a simulator, and at the gold level, they will be required to put the skills they have gained into practice under real working conditions at a site.

Patrik Rylander, who led the team that developed the programme, says: "We are very proud to extend our product portfolio with this training programme in three levels with the focus on our customer’s operators. The programme combines theory, hands-on simulated training and training in real working conditions in the best way. This combination will help our operators to improve their skills and which can result in increased productivity in a safe way.”
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