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Atlas Copco launches DrillAir™Open Unit

Atlas Copco’s Portable Air division completes its DrillAir range with an Open Unit, delivering up to 727 l/s flow (1550 cfm) at 25 bar (365 psi).


The drilling world is a high-pressure business. Every meter (foot) drilled costs money, so the faster the holes can be made, the better.
Atlas Copco develops its machines with the toughest conditions in mind. As safety is paramount for all Atlas Copco equipment, these high-pressure compressors are secure for the operator and the environment.
Above all, the DrillAir compressors are built for reliability and easy maintenance.
The new units are built in a new dedicated open unit design, and deliver higher capacity, higher pressure and a longer component life span in a very effective and efficient way. Higher pressure makes drilling faster, higher flow removes the cuttings more efficiently. Superior productivity is gained by increasing speed. Ease of transport and installation makes these units ideal for specialist applications and Original Equipment Manufacturer system integration.
The new dedicated open unit is available with a choice of fan cooling air directions. The push fan (blower) and pull fan (sucker) allow for flexibility in the integration with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) configurations.
Not only is fuel consumption optimized with the exclusive FuelXpert™ system, the components will also last longer thanks to the Oiltronix™ technology.
Compressor Models 

  •  XRVO 727 / XRVO 1550 CD7

 XRXO 667 / XRXO 1400 CD7

For further information please contact:
Sam Waes, or +32 0)473 78 11 35

Gathuru Mburu, or +32 (0)477 354916
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