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Sri Murugan Equipments


Sri Murugan Equipments was founded and developed in 1977 by the tireless D. Periyasamy the man who aspired to take on the challenges of the Leading gearbox manufacturers with his Own design and producing world class quality gearbox. With his dynamic leadership, D.periyasamy was instrumental in strengthening Sri Murugan Equipments to leadership position it is in today. The company sms was developed.

Our consumers well established machinery companies, profit not only from our innovative drive technology and but also from our commitment to traditional values like quality, reliability and punctuality. We always work efficiently and with your budget too, we also work with you for customising the gearbox. for Combining precision and performance requires in depth knowledge of design and applications. As an industry we just don’t supply any solution for projects or mass production, we develop for you with best possible engineering solutions , giving you more power, less gear noise, higher efficiency and life and more precision.
SMS™ is a Trademarked and an ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified company and one of largest designing, Trading and manufacturer of Rotary Head gearbox, Transmission P.T.O Gearbox, Heavy vehicle gearbox and spare parts for Rigs and machines. We at SMS™ bring to you one of finest transmission with greater power output using modern day software's for designing and by simulation for checking real time working. Our delivery expands to nations across Asia, South Africa, Australia and Kenya, Israel.

SMS™ is a major global supplier of industrial gearbox and machinery spare parts by using proper heat treatment method. The Strength of Our company lay in high level of customisation to satisfy customers need. The company manufactures a wide range of special gearbox, transmission gears and shafts majorly for Rig and Heavy vehicles.

Our modern manufacturing facilities are located in coimbatore service facility and dealers are located in coimbatore, Tiruchengode, Bangalore. In its relentless efforts to meet and exceed the needs and demands of its customers SMS has made rapid progress in the international market. Leading Companies like Pro Rigs ltd, Apl, Sony rigs Ltd, Velson rigs, Basheer Rigs, SMS has strong technology and human resource base to Meet the exacting standards of the most demanding customers in the world.

ADDRESS: 145/9, AN Nagar, Vinayagapuram, VK Road, Coimbatore- 641035
PH No: +917358982632,
Landline: 04222666416
WEBSITE: Srimuruganequipments.com
EMail: srimuruganequipments@gmail.com


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