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APC Drilling


APC Drilling is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company headquartered in Namakkal, Tamilnadu, India. Engaged in myriad of drilling activities since 1960. From a modest beginning to what it is today, the company’s growth has been phenomenal.

We are one among the leading players in India and our core competencies include Water well drilling, Diamond core drilling, Reverse circulation drilling, Sonic Drilling, Blast-hole drilling, and rotary drilling services and offering all kinds of solutions to mining sector.

Our team includes adept engineers from Drilling, Hydraulics, mechanical engineers, geologists, geophysics, surveyors and field workers. We consistently strive to reach the elixir of excellence and we aim at extending our services across the globe with the encouragement and support of our discerning clients.

We commit to deliver outstanding drilling services to all our clients by way of utilizing state-of-the-art equipments, eco-friendly technologies, and skilled man power.

The strategy of APC Drilling focuses on Identifying, Exploring, Evaluating and Acquiring mineral resource projects that have the ability to outline and define sustainable mineral resource for mine development in India and in other countries.

Enhance productivity at various levels while ensuring cost effectiveness.
Technology up-gradation as and when needed with respect to equipments and drilling methodologies.
Demonstrate commitment at work in line with client expectations.
Render customer centric services on par with world class companies.
Compliance to stringent occupational health and safety policies, environmental policies and alcohol and drug abuse policies.
Evaluation of green field prospective areas.

Social Responsibility
APC's corporate social responsibility has developed because of increase in personal liability. In 21st century our company have to show that their main concern is not only profit making but to give in return to society and in sense they are obliged to work towards the betterment of society and environment.

Our Focus Areas
• Water for poor people
• Infrastructure
• Healthy needs
• Schooling

Health and Safety Policy
APC Drilling is keen when it comes to health, safety and welfare of course of a contract. Anybody found under the influence or possession of alcohol is declared unfit and removed instantly from the workspace. Breach of alcohol and drug policy will result in dismissal and legal implications like police notification and case filing.

Since alcohol and drug consumption threatens safety of others and workers on site employees are advised to report misbehavior of co-workers immediately to their supervisors.

Certain types of prescribed medications have an influence on behavior and performance. In such cases the employee should take necessary approvals from a qualified doctor and submit the requisite papers as demanded by the company.

Environmental Policy
Sustainability is a core tenet at APC Drilling. We do our best to preserve environment and its stability by applying eco-friendly work procedures.

Induction programs are conducted on a regular basis to train employees, drilling contractors, and others on site such that wastes are disposed appropriately. We recycle materials as far as possible leaving minimal foot prints on the environment.

Our crew members conduct a thorough research on the worksite taking into account the ecological factors along with health and safety of employees so as to avoid environmental damage.

The entire team at APC including contractors, field workers and clients are obliged to environmental norms and policies. Understanding the criticality involved, we satisfy all local and national level environmental regulations and standards. We also take part in a number of community related activities to empower socially challenged groups.

Rehabilitation Policy
APC’s management is firm when it comes to health and safety policies observance. Our crew is open to apply novel technologies to re-affirm strategies related to safekeeping and hazard prevention.

Besides when an employee or a contractor is injured, the individual is covered under workplace rehabilitation policy where he is given the necessary support and aids to resume work as soon as possible in a safe manner.

Employees and contractors are the mainstay at APC. And hence our team intervene the proceedings of the affected personnel facilitated by medical practitioners and rehabilitation specialists. As part of rehabilitation policy the individual is given suitable workloads during the healing phase. We meet individual health needs with due respect aiding faster recovery.

Diamond Core Drilling
Diamond core drilling is used to collect core samples and to determine mine reserves, we offer a range of drill options based on customer requirements. APC owns 39 numbers of Hydrostatic Diamond Core drilling rigs which are employed to drill depths of 600meters, 1000meters, and 1200 meters and 1750meters. We are currently operating 33 rigs in India and 6 rigs in Madagascar.

Today, we stand extending our heartfelt thanks to all our revered clientele on accomplishing 437209 meters HQ/NQ/BQ size holes in Iron ore, Manganese, Coal, Lime stone, Lignite and Quartz.

Sonic Drilling
APC Drilling is the only company in India holding fast method Sonic Drilling Rig, the world's most advanced technique. Sonic drilling is preferred in investigating heavy metals, organic and other types of contamination. This can drill out core through landfill debris also.

Water Well Drilling
APC is acclaimed for its water well drilling services throughout India. The company owns 25 water well drill rigs with a capacity to bore 500meters, deploying compressor of 1500 cfm/400 psi. Chiefly utilized for water well drilling, our rig fleet allows customization based on client requirements.

Tractor drilling rig mounted with Top Drive, all Hydraulically Operated Drilling Rig extracting main power from Tractor Engine is capable of drilling using DTH method to Depth of 250 mtr. Mainly designed for Madagascar terrain. APC is now all set to extend its services in Africa and other countries worldwide. Going ahead our crew is well supported through experience and expertise.

Reverse Circulation Drilling
APC owns 4 reverse circulation exploratory rigs and this facilitates drilling up-to 200m. Compressors of 1200 cfm/320 psi and 1300 cfm/350 psi are used for the process.

Reverse Circulation Drilling is typically done to explore and collect samples of minerals and ores for its gratifying speed, cost effectiveness, and efficiency irrespective of ground formations. APC has completed 106581 meters of drilling in RC.

Gold and Chromite Mining
APC is holding 592 Sq.km of Chromite and Gold permits in Madagascar. We are about to explore the concessions in order to prove the Reserves. We have well qualified exploration team with an international standards.

Mining Consultancy
Prospecting the underground resources makes nations grow, more importantly the base metals reserves go in the nations building movement; playing a vital role in the progress of economy. APC Drilling today is synonymous with one stop shop for mining solutions. We offer the following related services diligence.

153/C7, 3rd floor, R.Gopal Complex, Salem Road, India.
Phone : +91 4286 276655
Fax : +91 4286 275552
Email : info@apcdrilling.co

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