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SJS Resource Management - Geological Contracting and Consulting

SJS Resource Management - Geological Contracting and Consulting SJS Resource Management specialises in all levels of geological contracting and consulting. From junior explorers to multinationals, SJS has the experience and integrity to provide high-quality technical advice across multiple commodities and terrains.

Whether your operation requires additional technical or managerial expertise, SJS offers excellence inpractical solutions. Our sevices cover:
arrow Project design, management and evaluation
arrow Independent project reviews
arrow Exploration project management and field investigations
arrow Data management

Mining project design, management and evaluation

SJS provides the mining industry with quality project evaluation, priority and project management solutions. Our services include exploration project management and programme design, budgeting and planning and logistics. We also offer data compilation, analysis and field investigations.

Exploration management and field investigations for mining

We provide technical and managerial excellence, solid field skills, experience, mentoring and training for mining companies. As well as offering geological, structural and alteration mapping at all scales, we also provide exploration drill planning, logging, sampling protocols and data collection and evaluation. In addition, we offer the following services:

arrow Geological modelling and interpretation
arrow Resource drill-outs
arrow Deposit-scale structural analysis
arrow Spatial analysis studies at regional to deposit scale
arrow Geochemistry
arrow Geophysical analysis including seismic interpretation
arrow Exploration targeting and project generation
arrow Research and desktop studies

Independent mining project reviews

SJS can assist with acquisitions, equity, IPOs, reviews and reports for public disclosure. Our review services range from technical reviews for mergers and acquisitions, technical assessments and due diligence to technical audits and competent/ qualified person reports.

Data management for the mining industry

Our data management services allow customers to maximise information from small data sets and introduce management strategies for effective and efficient use of small and large-scale data sets. Our services include:

arrow GIS
arrow QAQC
arrow Data compilation and analysis
arrow Contact Details
arrow SJS Resource Management
  PO Box 869
Canning Bridge 6153
Western Australia
Tel: +61 437 477 220
Tel: +61 893 161 233

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