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SAFEmine - Traffic-Awareness and Collision-Avoidance for Mining Vehicles

ditch witch SAFEmine's collision warning technology is recognised as a worldwide-leading technology in the provision of traffic-awareness and collision-avoidance systems. Originally developed to provide reliable, efficient, and affordable collision warning for general aviation, over 16,000 units have now been successfully installed in mining vehicles and aircraft.

Key benefits of SAFEmine™ traffic-awareness and collision-avoidance technology for vehicles in open-pit mines include:
arrow 360° protection at any speed and any visibility (no blind spots)
arrow Typical 500m range (no line-of-sight between vehicles required)
arrow Compact size and simple installation
arrow Highly selective 3D motion prediction (minimising nuisance warnings)
arrow Works anywhere with GPS coverage (no radio or IT infrastructure required)
arrow Configurable to mine vehicle size, type and characteristics
arrow Cost effective
Traffic-awareness and collision-avoidance for vehicles in open-pit mines

Based on reliable and well-proven traffic-awareness and collision-avoidance technology for above-surface mine vehicles, the SAFEmine in-cab unit provides audio and visual alerts for the driver, thereby increasing awareness of the traffic environment and of potentially hazardous situations. With easy installation and configuration, the system is rapidly deployed.

The SAFEmine system is designed to minimise nuisance warnings, even in areas of high-traffic densities with unsteady, dynamic trajectories, which may create complex and rapidly changing traffic conditions.
SAFEmine systems are symmetrical: this means that all vehicles equipped with the technology are visible to one another, independent of distance, speed, and orientation, thus covering short and long-range situations.

Features of traffic-awareness technology for mine vehicles

SAFEmine has developed an extensive range of special features for use in mine vehicles, including:

arrow Speed and rollover alarms
arrow Obstacle maps
arrow Voice alerts
arrow Data logging and live tracking options
arrow Add-on features for specialist vehicles, including diggers and shovels
arrow Swiss quality in design and engineering, with full local support
Traffic-awareness system for open-pit mine vehicles

SAFEmine is a successful and growing Swiss group of companies, which was funded to make SAFEmine traffic-awareness technology available to open-pit mines, to assist them with the rising demands for additional safety. Today, a rapidly increasing number of open-pit mines worldwide are using or installing SAFEmine traffic-awareness systems for mine vehicles.

With headquarters located in Switzerland, offices in the US and Australia, and partners throughout the world including South Africa, South America, New Zealand, and India we are close to you. We look forward to helping you to protect your most valuable assets: your employees and your mine vehicles.

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SAFEmine Ltd
Bahnhofstrasse 52
CH-6430 Schwyz
Tel: +41 44 586 49 56 (Switzerland)
Tel: +1 510 501 21 63 (US)
Fax: +1 435 203 12 24 (US)
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