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New all-round drill rig

New all-round drill rig

drill rig drill rig drill rig

The newly developed drill rig type KR 909-1 was presented in "steel and iron" for the first time to a trade audience at the GEOFLUID exhibition in Piacenza on October 2010.
The KR 909-1 is a compact and powerful drill rig. Through tried and tested KLEMM components, the rig is easily adaptable to varied tasks. On the one hand the machine can be optimally operated to full capacity; while on the other, its inherent robust and simple construction, as well as the exclusive use of standardised modules, guarantees the highest degree of performance with the slightest capital outlay. This product is suited to a wide-range of drilling applications in the specialised civil engineering / geo-construction fields.

We are pleased to talk to you of one drilling rig FRASTE FS 500 (40 Ton pulling capacity) mounted on 4 axles truck carrier, that  we have recently delivered to a customer of ours in France 
This new and very impressive machine is the result of latest FRASTE technical developments and customer particular needs, and we are glad to describe you here below its main characteristics:
FRASTE FS 500 mounted on 4 axles Renault Kerax Type 450.32 8x4 truck carrier supplied by the customerpowered by truck’s engine by PTO (Power-take-off) device.
Max. width mm 2500 - GTW 41000 kg.

- Four built-in in the frame hydraulic telescopic stabilizers with mechanical locks.

- Pull up capacity 40000 kg.

- Pull down capacity 22000 kg.

- Drilling mast for mm 6000 drill pipes. 

- Mast extension, hinged type with 14,5 mt clearance from traveling block and
  clamp table for Range 2 casings lowering.

- Hoist winch with travelling block with 40 ton pulling capacity.

Digital display placed on main control panel for winch/block weight control.

- Mast safety ties with steel cables.

Safety ladder mounted on the mast with safety hook and belt.

R41D100 – 3 - speeds rotary head . ** NEW ** 

  With 150 mm inner passage injection swivel for direct and reverse circulation,
   with  following gears of rotation speed and torque: 

      - 1st  speed:   0 ÷ 2600 daNm  0 ÷  38 rpm 
      - 2nd speed:   0 ÷ 1300 daNm  0 ÷  75 rpm  
      - 3rd  speed:  0 ÷   650  daNm  0 ÷150 rpm

-  Duplex action piston mud pump type Ballerini 7 ½’’ x 10’’.
   Max delivery 2260 lt/1’ – max  pressure from 21 to 40 bar.

-  Jib boom with hydraulic rotation +/- 180° mounted on the mast head with
    telescopic arm.

Double clamp Ø 80 ÷ 520 mm with hydraulic side opening system for 
    1000 mm free passage.

This machine will mainly work for deep water well drilling, with direct and reverse mud circulation as well as DTHH drilling with separate compressor.

Although  the considerable dimensions and capacity of this machine, thanks to its special design is still easily mobile and fast in set up, ready for working in less than one hour in the job site.

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