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Elgi compressor adds colour to life

Elgi compressor adds colour to life The Malaplast brand has been synonymous with high quality melamine products for over 40 years. Elgi compressors are helping to maintain this tradition by playing a key role in the company’s production process.

Melamine is a combination of nitrogen, carbon and hydrogen to make an extremely hard durable plastic, and with the addition of formaldehyde it can be further moulded into a variety of shapes and forms such as tableware, that is plates, bowls, and cups.

Malaplast is one of the leading manufacturers of internationally certified melamine products. 

Colorful, durable and environmentally friendly are features that characterize Malaplast’s melamine tableware products for the modern world.
The part that compressed air plays in Malaplast’s production process is indispensable.  Their four plants draw control and instrumentation air from air compressors to perform various tasks such as operation of injection moulding, testing, and cleaning and packaging machines. Of all these, the major compressed air application is injection moulding. Malaplast has 29 moulding machines which are capable of manufacturing plastic packaging from 5ml to 30 litres. To meet strict quality de­mands, injection moulding machines require extremely efficient processes that work at different speeds and volume throughputs.  The injection moulding process needs the compressed air with pressures up to 10 bar to drive the machines. With compressed air used to operate pickers, hoppers and automation associated with the moulding process, any downtime due to non-availability of compressed air or its poor quality can quickly lead to loss of production. Needless to say, the reliability of air compressors hence is important. 

Elgi has provided Malaplast with dependable compressors at the required pressures from 8 to 13 bar, to replace the existing compressors in their plant. Placed at the point of use, Elgi compressors ensure smooth operation of numerous air valves, cylinders and other sensitive pneumatic components critical to the timing of the machines.

The capability of delivering the right air solution after careful analysis has given Elgi good brand equity among its customers globally. With over 600 successful installations at leading plastic industries worldwide, Elgi compressors have proven time and again to be the ultimate choice in reliability.
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