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Additional undercarriage concept for electrical handling equipment

Additional undercarriage concept for electrical handling equipment

The electrically operated EP 934 C pontoon handling unit is now also available on a self-supporting steel undercarriage with four-point support. This creates an additional undercarriage concept, which is available as an alternative to the variant previously available with crawler undercarriage and on columns.

The Liebherr EP 934 C is driven by an electric motor with a capacity of 160 kW, and achieves a working outreach of 20 metres. In comparison with a fixed installation on a column, the new steel undercarriage with four-point support provides greater flexibility in the organization of the area of operations. The steel undercarriage does not need any elaborate or expensive construction procedures at the place of operation, nor is a foundation or concrete or steel column needed. Thanks to the square layout of the steel undercarriage, with dimensions of 6 x 6 metres, the same load capacities are guaranteed in the longitudinal and transverse direction of the unit as with the traditional stationary concept.

The undercarriage of the EP 934 C is supported on four outriggers, which provide it with excellent stability even when it comes to really demanding handling tasks.
The first EP 934 C was delivered in early 2010 to France’s largest waste incineration and recycling company, Veolia Propreté, and is hard at work in Montauban, France. A unit of the same design was delivered to Bourges, by way of an order from the same client, in October 2010.

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