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Pit Bulls Continue to Roam Huntington Neighborhood

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- Two weeks ago, we first told you about pit bulls running loose in a Huntington neighborhood.

When police were called in, they questioned the owner and ended up arresting him on a drug charge. In a follow-up report, we have discovered that Roderick McNeal is now out of jail. His dogs are back home, too, and neighbors said they still roam the neighborhood.

When the pit bulls were caught roaming 15th Street without a muzzle or leash, animal control picked the dogs up. Police arrested the dog's owner, who was charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver.

But when McNeal bonded out until his court date, the dogs came back home.

"They had all four out here with no muzzle," Regina Michael said.

Michael keeps a close eye on her kids, with the dogs back in their neighborhood.

"They're not allowed to play in front yard at all," she said. "It's got in my yard before and held me hostage."

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There is no information yet when McNeal's next court date is set. Indictments are expected to come down next month. As for the dogs, he must keep them in an enclosed area and muzzled or he could face a fine.


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