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ThyssenKrupp Tiefbautechnik makes 2 place in the ThyssenKrupp Innovation Contest


The Innovation Prize was awarded TK Tiefbautechnik in the presence of Dr. Heinrich Hiesinger – Chairman of the Group Executive Board – and Mr Joachim Limberg, Chairman of the Management Board of Business Area Materials Services of ThyssenKrupp AG

Innovations are the engine of growth and competitiveness. They represent a strategic tool for business success.

The ideas of our employees are crucial to the success of ThyssenKrupp. The people who develop ideas and translate them into successful products and services are the most important asset. ThyssenKrupp launched the Innovation Contest in 2000 as an additional incentive to encourage such innovative achievements.

The broad acceptance and popularity of the Innovation Contest is reflected in the ever growing number of entries it has attracted over the years and their high quality.

With the great significance of the topics environmental and climate protection, the conservation of resources, energy efficiency, and the reduction of pollutants, a special innovation contest entitled "Energy and the Environment" is also held on a regular basis.

ThyssenKrupp Tiefbautechnik achieved an excellent second place in the ThyssenKrupp Innovation Contest for their development of a vibrator, which was especially designed for the foundation of offshore wind parks, and the company's additional servie.

To ensure a fast and safe handling when installing the foundation pipes, the MS-240 HHF was designed in such a way that the foundation pipes can be lifted from a lying position, inserted directly into the guide on the jackets and then vibrated. This means that the executing companies can save a large amount of time and costs, especially at sea where only a small time slot is available but where the cost pressure is extremely high.
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